Uhmm...REMIND ME to STOP watching..

  1. Any show on Explorer...To me its worse then any horror film and so damn real...I sleep so bad...and Im watching an episode now..talk about a train wreck..I can not stop watching!!! (How to survive max. prison..) CRAZY.
  2. Gulp ! No wonder you dont sleep.
  3. I love Lisa Ling. I think she is a great journalist and it is easy to get sucked into the National Geographic explorere series. Did you see the one on North Korea?

    There is a luncheon for Amore Pacific next week at the NM in Mich Ave. Lisa Ling is going to be there because she is the spokesman for AP. I can't believe I am missing it. We are on vaca otherwise I would love to meet her!
  4. Sunshine - are you an insomniac who gets up in the middle of the night and watches TV? I just saw the time of your post - yikes!
  5. LOL!!! Yes that is me! I love Lisa she is awesome. I love the way she talks and her geniune interest in whatever she is involved in! I watched the one on crystal meth as well and that totally freaked me out! I think its the reality of the shows that I find so mind blowing. So real!
  6. Yes, it is her attitude and interest in what she is reporting that makes it so believable. You can tell she loves what she is doing.

    There are a couple of DJs on this one radio station in milwaukee who have a HUGE thing for Lisa Ling. They had a great interview with her on their station not too long ago. She is so funny and cute. She just got engaged in Chicago. She said she didn't want an engagement ring but wanted something completely different - like an engagement sweater. She sounds totally low maintenance. If I remember correctly her fiance is a dr.

    My DH saw the one on crystal meth and can't get it out of his head.

    Sunshine, try taking some magnesium before you go to bed. I will check my dosage. It helps me get thru the night without using drugs or tylenol pm. I'm a bad sleeper too! I can fall asleep easy enough but can't stay asleep. Been that way my entire life. I hate it.