Uhm ... need interpretation please?

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  1. That is frustrating! I wish there was a direct line to Hermes in France or something like that to follow up on orders...it seems kind of rude for a purchase of more that a few pennies to play with your psyche.
  2. *sigh* Once again, guilt has kicked in and I feel like an ungrateful and terrible person for saying negative things ... my SA is nice, helpful and passionate about Hermes, just ... impossible to get on waiting list ... I'm not doing something right and I don't know what it is.
  3. kou...just ask politely if there is a secret to getting on the waiting list and that you've been imagining terrible things like spending loads of money to get on it. Hope that made sense.
  4. Hehehe! I actually said that to my SA on the East Coast. Although in that case I was talking about some of the stores in Asia. While I'm not on the list with that SA, she is the one who offers me the most stuff and puts my name down next to a lizard Kelly clutch and pink Lindy (with no commitment to buy). It's just too bad that the store is smaller and has less quota alloted ...

    NEways, I'm planning on getting the croc kelly from Australia (hope they can do croc order soon)... I just wish I can do the Birkin as well but AU is so much more expensive and I don't have unlimited funds ...
  5. When I placed my birkin order with the NYC store, I didn't hear from them for about 3 years, then when I did, it was to let me know that Hermes doesn't make bags in gulliver anymore. So, I ended up with another color and another leather, which was on my wish list anyway.

    I believe that whether you are or are not able to place a SO is entirely dependent upon whether your SA will put your order in with his/her manager. I have been shopping with my local store for years now (not NYC), spend a lot of $ and have not once placed an SO even when my SA asked me what other colors I am looking for.

    My bags from my local boutique have entirely come from "Do you happen to have a birkin today?" or walking in while they are in the process of putting one on display. (I got two bags that way this month! Lucky!)

    I just went to my store today and my SA took my order for 2 bags - I saw him put it in writing as we went through the swatch book.

    I originally wanted a 30cm birkin swift chartreuse with orange piping. My SA kinda gave me a "weird" look, as in, you-may-want-to-rethink-that look so he ended up writing in a vert anis with pall hardware in mysore.

    Then, we also put in one for a 30cm matte croc porosus in camel or barenia with gold hardware. Frankly, I am hoping that I'll get the croc one approved. It'll be better of course if I get both! But we shall see...

    Kou - if you have been working with this SA for a long time, I wouldn't read anything into it - except that you still have time to think about what you want to order. If you haven't - hmmm, the cynical side of me is thinking that maybe she wants you to buy more stuff. (Hope it is the former.)
  6. Yup, That is a funny interpretation...but yes,...ultimately that store is a business, and has to be profitable, and NOT alienate customers!
  7. all about bags...yes it is very much about how good your SA is...If mine too 3 years to get back to me ...I would not even take teir call!...that is nuts!
  8. Kou...I don't know about confirmation or not; but if you SO and its accepted, it appears my SA will mention it every so often like "when it arrives you can match it with this.." or "after that SO you can think about the next SO"..... so you sorta get the idea its COMING. I think they like to "hint" you but not directly say YES THE ORDER IS CONFIRMED....I guess?! because in case Paris has a sudden shortage or something they bag might not come so they don't really say 100% until its arrived into the stores I'm guessing!

    Goodluck with putting your name onto the list to getting what you want, honestly I think you spend enough you should get what you want!
  9. Hmmm....My store manager always tells me if my orders are confirmed or not...One time, the color I wanted was not available during podium order and I picked different color among what were available, then I got confirmation call shortly after....So, I am confused with stories from others (like not hearing anything is a good news, interpret as order has gone through...?:shrugs: )

    The store where my mom shops and order croc Birkins/Kellys all the time, they always (& every time) let her know if her orders are confirmed or not as well...So, I really don't know why some stores can't tell if order is confirmed or not...I am very confused...:s
  10. I'm confused too. I was under the impression that you're supposed to get a confirmation, but then what odes it mean when you don't get one? Is it a no or are you forever in limbo? and if they ARE supposed to give you a confirmation, then logically speaking the only instance when you're in limbo is unless the order is never placed, right?
  11. That's really tough situation....Hmmm...I would be very uncomfortable if I didn't get confirmation from Hermes...Because, then you can't even tell if order is actually placed in order or not!!!:wtf: :s
  12. Exactly! If it were me, I'd go all batty~~ I like things to be set in stone.
  13. Koukanamiya- i think it is exactly wat u feel..... he wanted u to shop some more b4 u could get on the list.... and he was sure that u would shop.... i was put in a similar situation.... it was after i shopped that they put me on the list!!!!!!! and the whole attitude changed!!!!!
  14. I've spent so much there already ... unless they're expecting me to spend 1 million every year, then forget it. For a million bucks, I'm buying Faberge eggs.
  15. I agree...or gorgeous diamond earrings or watch...:cursing: with them!!
    Deal with another boutique!!