Uhm ... need interpretation please?

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  1. Ok, I have a conversation with my SA recently (after spending over 2000 at one go) and it goes something like this:

    Me: So, is there any way I can get an order placed in February?
    SA: Well, you're going to come in a lot between now and then, right? We can talk about it as the day draws closer

    I'm interpreting this as I did not buy enough from them to warrant a place on the list and that they're not going to place any order for me. Did I translate correctly?
  2. Kou...I think you are reading into things. I feel your SA is just saying that she/he knows that you come in to visit often...I did not read into it as saying that you need to buy more to warrant a place on the list.
    Maybe next time you talk to her/him be more specific and say exactly what you want to order in February as if there is no question about it.
  3. I think it just sounds like the SA is thinking it is too soon to commit to a order, not that you have not spent enough...personally.
  4. I've been telling my SA that I want to get a specific bag and get on that list, so my SA is pretty clear on that. Also, I go once a month and do shopping in bulk since I don't have the time to go in every week (plus it'll stress me out). This is why I feel that my SA is implying that I will have to come in more often between now and February (and thereby buying more stuff) before they're going to consider ...
  5. This is frustrating. I mean, how much more unnecessary things do I need to buy from them before I can get on the stupid list ... *sigh* I mean, my SA is nice and polite, but it's just impossible to get on the list through this channel ...
  6. Well, please don't feel pressured into buying anything more...$2000 to me is an awful lot to spend already.
  7. Actually, I myself...would NOT buy another thing UNTILL I got my order in!:shrugs:
  8. ^^ I agree!:mad:
  9. What about situation where they said they put in an order for you but there has been no confirmation and then the bag never showed up? I'm talking about my friend who's been waiting for her bag for a long time too and in the meantime she is assuming the order didn't get placed but didnt' want to take her chances so she too continued to drop lots of money ...

    Actually, my SA said there're ppl who had placed their exotic bag order but have not gotten their bags for FOUR years (and still waiting) because there were no confirmation. Yet I've been told by everyone else (outside of my store) that you don't need a confirmation to mean something is accepted, and that you only get told when something's rejected. just doesn't make sense.
  10. kou...what is a confirmation? Does Hermes confirm the order or do you?
  11. I've been told by more than one person at my store that whenever you place an order, you have to get a confirmation from Paris that it's been confirmed and accepted before it's official. Otherwise, the bag isn't going to come. However, if they're rejecting the order, they'll still have to tell you "no". Either way, they have to tell you YES for accepted/confirm and NO for rejection. It's quite puzzling because then what does it mean when you don't hear a yes or no? My friend has her suspicions, she thinks her bag's order is just never placed in the first place but she isn't sure.

    I'm afraid the same thing will happen to me
  12. Could your friend find out what's going on with her bag's order by talking to someone higher up at the store? It does seem strange that the information is being held up.
  13. I think the SA is taking advantage of your niceness, and "milking" you for every penny they can!, I believe the store wants to sell the bags AND keep good customers like you happy, so indicate you are not happy untill you get your bag!
  14. She tried and had been told the something along the line of "Well, we hadn't heard anything back, but they didn't say no either." and then something about their knowing as much as she knows ...

    Evasive manuevers, haha.
  15. Like putting them on probation for a few months? Kind of like not putting out?:P