Uhm bad quality shots - stolen pix at Chanel shop in junction of Harajuku&Shibuya

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  1. Oh yeah, they have the absolutely best gyoza (dumplings) store behind this..

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  2. more.. sorry for the lousy quality shots!!

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  3. ditto

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  4. last of the harajuku stores :biggrin:

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  5. :wtf::nuts: My heart just skipped a beat! The selection at this store puts my store to shame.
  6. GINZA :biggrin:

    ginza had sooo many bowlers!! I wanted them all

    they also had like patchwork? bags? I suppose it was part of cruise? not so sure, sorry not many pix, they had alot of people walking about so no sneaky pix =(

    but see the elevator!! :biggrin:

    I was kinda disappointed the toliet was ordinary :/ no chanel toliet seat/paper or whatever :/

    oh yes, last shot is off one of the famous 2nd hand 'station' shops in HK.. they also have first hand bags of course..

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  7. i don't care about the quality of the shots at all! These made my day!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::yes:
  8. Ginza store was 3 levels high with SO MANY BAGS!!

    that's how I managed to find my last season's bag there

    they had all those pink tweed bags too, mint green tweed also

    ALOT of cool bags there

    I figure it's so expensive there no one wants to buy (or maybe I'm wrong)

    but yes, the selection is TDF!!
  9. Do you know if this store will ship to the US? BTW, you just made my day as well! Thank you!
  10. thanks for posting!
  11. uhhh

    man I loved this bag

    so I stalked the girl (haha you can tell I got really close) hahaha

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  12. wow, thanks for posting. what did you come home with?
  13. 3 levels? :wtf: Hmm, I'm sensing that there will be a road trip in the near future for me.

  14. No idea if they will

    And the Japanese SAs don't really have a good grasp of english but they are SOO uber.

    I was sooo dirty and could easily pass off for broke homeless student but they let me touch everything I wanted which really contributed alot to why I bought.

    I imagine they could ship if you can liase up something with your local chanel, but I reckon the prices would be really expensive .. but if you are looking for last season's stuff they definitely have them, and also the latest things of course :smile:
  15. ^^ That's the way customer service should be! Can we bring some of those SA's over here please? :yes:
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