Uhhhh is it me...

  1. hmm...it sorta looks like it, since the security tag is still on it.
  2. Lol!:roflmfao:
    They said they have a receipt, so I hope it's not stolen, but the plastic security thingy is a lil fishy!
  3. Hahaha, I find this funny. Whoever buys this better get the receipt to it as well, especially if it's to a big dept. store like Macy's. I don't think you can just walk in anywhere and say, "Hey, I didn't steal this, but I don't have the receipt...can you take the security tag off?" Heh.

    eta - Also a little fishy because the seller just registered August 25. Buyer beware!
  4. Yeah seriously. I thought it was pretty funny...I'm watching it just for the hell of it to see if someone buys it.
  5. LOL I just sent them an eBay message asking why the security tag was still on. Haha.
  6. Lol Snapcat....please let us know what they say. I am soooooo curious!!
  7. Haha yeah if they reply I'll definitely post it here.
  8. Hmm, that does look suspicious and a seller with 0 feedback. Is that one of those tags that has the security dye that coats the bag if it's tampered with? No way I would bid on that. The seller needs to get that removed before listing.:nogood:
  9. Ha...I bet it came from a Loehmanns. A friend of mine buys clothes from Loehmanns and has the worst luck, it seems like they always forget to take those dumb tags off and the alarms never go off when she leaves the store. So she always has to make another trip back to the store to get them removed before she can wear anything. It's happened to her at Macy's too.

  10. Yeah, that happened to me once at Macy's too, with a dress. Grr! I too had to go back when I decided I wanted to wear it!! :cursing: Surprisingly, I walked in and told the SA, then I started digging through my purse for the receipt, but when I looked up she was paying no attention to me and had already taken the tag off, then informed me "oh, I don't need it". :wtf:

    So, moral of the story: You can walk into Macy's and grab something off the rack, walk up to your nearest SA and she will proptly remove the tags. :confused1: I hope that was only that SA at that Macy's!!
  11. I like this remark "no need to be scared." :wtf:
  12. LOL its probably because Macys is so cheap, most of their door sensor detectors don't work! People do grab and runs all the time at my ghetto macys, and the only way we notice is if we see them running outside with an armful of clothes. We asked the security guys why they don't just fix the door sensor things, and they told us that the amount of money it would cost to fix it was more than the amount of money they loose in theft each year! Which I think is stupid, because that amount of theft adds up year after year. Macys is such a cheap company, they refuse to even fix our stupid A/C unit even though it breaks down monthly...

    Anyway, my point is at least at my store, they're so used to people accidently going home with sensors (since the door alarm doesn't go off to catch them) that they probably automatically just take them off. Which is stupid because you are supposed to check the receipt...
  13. The security tag that has wiring can be easily snipped off @ home but not the round ones, where the tag is directly clasp to the fabric. That one, you have to bring it back to the store. But this auction gave me some bad vibes so I don't think it's comforting bidding on this.

    Talking about Macy's, I hate it when they remove the tag from the Toki bags and snap it on the straps with the security tag. They don't even give you the tag if you don't ask for it.
  14. LOL. Okay, here is my current dialogue with the seller of this item.

    (My original question) Why does the bag still have the store security tag on it?

    (their response) you know im not sure but if you would like i can take a picture of the reciept and black out the price i got it for if you would like

    (My current response) Um... blacking out the price on the receipt wouldn't help take the sensor detector off. Those things are the ones that spill ink when you take them off, right? The store is supposed to remove those plastic things when you purchase the item. So if you sell it like that, that means the buyer is going to have to figure out how to get the sensor off without spilling ink all over the bag... ???