Uhhh huh Macy

  1. Uhm gasp... why? :sick::sick::sick::sick:
  2. all i can say is......ewwwwwwwwwwwww :sick:
  3. I think i lost my appetite... :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :Push:
  4. Oh my gosh! I have to agree with everyone! yuck
  5. Uggh ... I'm glad that I finished my lunch about an hour ago :sick: ! What the hell is she thinking? :huh:
  6. I haven't finished my lunch yet, aahhhhhhh! Yeesh :sick:
  7. haha I saw that pic a while ago, I wonder if she has gotten worse since then :sad: Shocking.
  8. Gross....but you have to give it to her for doing her own thing, even if it's crazy.
  9. I admit, the nakie thing is a little gross, but what disturbs me is the cruella dev'ele white hair popping out! And then I wonder what the chair is saying, besides .(..).go naked.
  10. Omg... Put some clothes on pleaseeee!! ::fainted::
  11. At first I was like: Who is that? Then I figured out it was the no singing talent, Ms. Macy Gray.

    Are the Spice Girls making a comeback and she's auditioning for the role as "Scary" Spice? Oh, I hope I don't have nightmares tonight. :sick:
  12. Ahhhhhhhhh. My eyes, my eyes. :wacko:
  13. as disturbing as the image maybe..

    I think it's for PETA. On the chair it looks like it says "I'd rather go naked" [than wear fur.]
  14. NASTY! Lol! Has anyone ever seen the episode of 'Punk'd' where Macy goes ape **** and starts swingin n throwin things at people? LOL! Her voice is rather strange, I dislike her music, I just don't like her clothes on or off! :sick:
  15. BagLady ... SUPERB comment - hilarious!!!!!! :nuts: :biggrin:

    I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only one who was thinking "my god, I sound better than her ... even in the shower!" I mean come on ... would Simon Cowell let her continue without commentary on American Idol ... I THINK NOT!