Uhhh Does anyone have a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in the Regular Size?

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  1. I got one in Chocolate brown yesterday. I gasped at its beauty and love the rich brown color. But its humogenous...ok not thattttt big but about the same size as a speedy 30 maybe a little bigger. When I filled that sucker up, I once again gasped...at the weight! Im conflicted..those who have this bag...do you love it, did you keep it, return it, think about returning it..please tel me your thoughts.

    If anything, please tell me why you kept it or why you returned it

    Also, the leather is the most beautiful rich brown Ive ever seen...just a hint of auburn. With the gold, it looks fantastic. Will try to get a pic up asap.

    What could you see yourself wearing with this bag?
  2. Here are some pics of it from shopintuition..or active endeavors..I forgot :rolleyes:
  3. :p
    AC0467_back.jpg AC0467_front.jpg AC0467_side.jpg AC0467_swatch.jpg
  4. That's a shame you find it too big, it looks really nice....does it come in a smaller size?
  5. allgoodness, i have this bag in navy. i am in love with it and had been wanting it for about a year before i bought it. i was undecided between the regular and the mini, but i went ahead and got the regular. i was so excited and loved the bag so much, but i must agree i definitely think it IS heavy. it is big too, but i love big bags so i don't mind that as much as the weight. i kept the bag though because i have been wanting it for so long and i am madly in love with it, despite the weight.
  6. I can help you with this question. :yes:

    Back in December I ordered the regular sized Morning After in chocolate. It was bigger and heavier than I had expected. I ended up returning it, mainly because the hardware was splotchy and I had heard of other people's RM bag hardware chipping off. The color was exactly what I wanted, so I was bummed.

    Fast forward to May, and the chocolate mini size was on sale, and there was a code. For that price, I had to have it (love the color and style). The mini is a more manageable size, and while not lightweight, it's not as heavy as it's big sister. The hardware still looked splotchy, but I polished the it with a silver polishing cloth and it looks pretty good now.

    Below are comparison pictures of the bags. I did not own them at the same time, so a LV Speedy 30 is the reference bag.

    REGULAR (left) vs. MINI (right)

    REGULAR (left) vs. MINI (right)

    REGULAR (left) vs. MINI (right)

    Here is an additional picture of the Mini with a Speedy 30.

    I hope that helps you. I have more pictures too if you need them.
  7. wow that was alot of help... very informative pics
  8. I have the regular. It is big, but I use it for school, shopping, and travel. If I wanted one to use as a purse, I would have gone with the mini. But with me, it is either a bag big enough for my laptop or a bag that holds keys, a wallet, and not much else! I carried my MA a lot while traveling, and I really don't find it all that heavy. There are a lot of miles on that bag by this time! It has held up extremely well.
  9. Wow, Zeitgeist4. Very helpful comparison pics.
  10. I prefer the regular size... it fits all my crap with room to spare!
  11. I have the regular and find that I can add too much stuff so I am always getting a chance to abbreviate its contents. Love it though. Perfect big ass black bag. I want and hope there will be the carmel color issued in a mini.
  12. do any of you use a purseket for the regular MA? if so, what size? i just got my Tomato in the mail today and love it! it's big, so i'd like to get a purseket to give it some shape.....
  13. i don't use a purseket...i think the shape holds up fine...and there are enough different pockets so that it is still perfectly organized.
  14. ^ ditto
  15. I have to say, I adore my RM in the regular size....I got the chocolate last year, the hardware did get splotchy very quickly...I emailed her rep in NYC who promptly responded and offerred to take back the bag and change the hardware. THat was done, she looked better than ever, and although I don't use her everyday, she is one of the best bags I have ever had and the best bag for travelling. THe leather has gotten a bit darker (more rich even IMO) and softer. This one is a keeper for me!
    By the way, I am 6 ft, so the mini looked silly on me.