Uhhh...different dustbags??

  1. Okay...so the dustbag that my Jasmin arrived with is quite different from the other six dustbags that I have for my other LV pieces.


    The one on the left is what I received today and the one on the right is what all my other ones look like. Now, both of them feel like felt...the new one doesn't feel flimsy like fake dustbags do, but I did notice a few differences. First, the edges aren't neat (and seamed) like the one on the right...it's jagged although it doesn't look as if someone cut the fabric poorly with a pair of scissors. And of course, the colours are different.

    What worried me was the look of the "LV" on the front:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The one on the left is on most of my dustbags and the one on the right is the LV on the new dustbag. The font looks a little different...and the right LV has thicker lines...

    Is there something wrong with my new dustbag...? Is it simply because it's an older dustbag? (This bag would have been from around 2001 or older...depending on whether the seller included the original or another one whereas all my other bags have dustbags from 2003 and later) I hope it's not fake.
    102_1244.JPG 102_1242.JPG 102_1243.JPG
  2. I remember that the Pinked sheared ones were real too, I think they're older...
  3. some of my dustbags feel different from the rest coz i have a few made in spain and a few made in france. i don't think that you have to worry too much about it, the main thing is that your bag is the real thing!
  4. The one on the left is the older of the 2 dustbags that you have, it feels coarser and somewhat thicker than the one on the right. I have both so I know what you mean. :smile: But the one on the left is a real albeit older model of the dustbags. HTH. :smile:
  5. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the pinked edged ones are from the 80's
  6. i've got at least 3 different shades and textures of those flannel dustbags in my collection. not to worry ;)
  7. iono...i think it's okay too, cuz in the past year, I think LV already changed their dustbags THREE times!
  8. Ditto and 2 of the new ones, not to worry :smile:
  9. Yup, just an older version :smile:
  10. Umm...are you worried that the "dustbag" is fake? :huh: Does it matter? Or you mean that you're worried that if the dustbag is fake then the bag is fake too? :shrugs: As far as I'm concern I only care that my bags are authentic...I sometimes even keep my LV's in other designer's dustbags. :wondering
  11. Thanks guys! I guess I was just worried that if the dustbag is fake, the bag would be fake too...but I'm reassured now!
  12. all my dust bags are different and i have purchased all bags from LV.