Uh yes plz! Back cover of T&C Weddings

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  1. Its a crappy cell shot, but uh...I would take all. The 4 prong solitaire is interesting.

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  2. If by interesting you mean gorgeous, I agree!
  3. It is very interesting to see a 4 prong Tiffany solitare, considering their classic has 6 prongs.

    Beautiful picture- I definately have enough available fingers that need new rings- :graucho:
  4. Anyone have better pics of the 4-prong solitaire?? (mine will have the double-claw prongs!)
  5. I have not seen it prior to this ad. It's not even on their site anywhere.
  6. well that simply won't do!!! :P
  7. LOL! To be honest I did a triple take when I saw the 4 prongs on a stone of that size, but I was more enamored with the Legacy...

    I did tell DH I might be saving for a Crisscut cushion or asscher one day.
  8. I recently tried on a ring that my Tiffany SA brought in as a possible upgrade that was very similar to the square emerald cut/Asscher advertised. It was a 3.09 ct with the same style of square cuts in the band. It was somewhat vintage-looking. I was so tempted to get it, but the stone was an I in color and I definitely saw warmth in that stone. It was the only ring like it in the system! :crybaby:

    Tiffany is coming out with some pretty interesting settings for stones that are 3+ cts. My SA said that most of them are one-of-a-kind...
  9. i still prefer the 6 prong though mine is neither...it is the round brilliant w/ bead set border.
  10. Utterly fabulous!