Uh WHERE HAVE U BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE? My first Chanel! Lotsa pics! Striptease..muhuhah!

  1. Hear ye ladies of Chanel,

    I was really frusterated today because two of my orders for Prada and Fendi didn't go through yesterday for two seperate credit cards and I have no idea why. I was really :sad: and :push: about it. Today I walked into Neiman to pick up some shoes, which for some reason also didn't arrive (and it was supposed to yesterday). Geez! I stopped by at Chanel to look around after seeing Sharbear's gorgeous goodies (that thread totally started my obsession), but didn't think I'd be getting anything!

    I knew I would have to have the first one I tried on, but would have to wait because I didn't want the display. It's a very delicate bag and in the 2 weeks that it was on display it already had signs of use on the inside. But suddenly..WHAM! I got hit with this mad urge to buy it right away...:nuts:. Suddenly I was thinking..where has chanel been all my life, why hadn't disconvered this before?! The SA was super sweet and suggested I get a classic for my first bag (and pointed to one that I could use everyday since this one is so delicate). I freakin didn't care, I LOVE this bag! I also love a few others in the store but will have to wait..I tend to make some poor decisions while impulse shopping (which by the way is the best way to shop). OMG I didn't mean to ramble, just really excited!

    I've never done a strip tease before so I thought I'd start now. I'll be online for the next few hours so you guys won't have to wait days or anything. If I see some interest I'll post em quick! WHOOHOO! :wlae::yahoo::party:


    chanel 003.jpg chanel 004.jpg
  2. Show Us The Moneyy !
  3. How exciting! Is it a classic flap?
  4. HEH HEH..(wow I can't believe how excited I am)..nope that's not it..it's not anything classic..
  5. Bubble quilt?? Sharpei??... SHOW US!!! :roflmfao:
  6. I totally love the brown bubble quilt but it was too small..it IS on my wishlist though..

    chanel 005.jpg
  7. Coco Cambas?
  8. Hmmm Sharpey? Expandable?
  9. i guess it's something lambskin............
  10. F5 F5 F5... c'mon.. :push: we need more clue :roflmfao::roflmfao: color???
  11. reveal reveal reveal :smile: :smile:
  12. [​IMG]



    Sharpei!!!! :love: I will attempt to upload modelling pics shortly..:yahoo:
    chanel 007.jpg chanel 008.jpg chanel 009.jpg
  13. Haha I knew it I could tell by the strap. Congrats!!! Leather looks so yummy.
  14. CONGRATS!!!! It's TDF!! the leather looks sooo buttery soft..!! :woohoo::woohoo:
  15. Very Nice.... cOngrats on your 1st Chanel! :tup: