Uh... Reusable... womens pads?

  1. I was watching "The Shopping Bags" on the womens network and they were talking about reusable ladies pads.

    I had NO idea that they existed (maybe I am living under a rock).

    Does this sound hygienic to you? I wouldn't use them...
  2. My friend told me that somewhere in China, they reuse old sanitary napkins and stuff them in hospital blankets for insulation.
  3. eww, your title sounded gross.. LOL! I 'think' reusable pads are actually made of cotton, like a cloth... I guess you could say they're like olden day baby diapers? You can wash them and they'd be good as new... But still, IMO, that's yucky.. :s
  4. I think I have heard about this, they are washable I believe like joanniii said exactly like those old diapers that people used to wash and re-use. Not for me, but im sure some people use them.
  5. ewwww grosss!!! imagine having to wash that thing :yucky:
  6. My mum says that when she young (she comes from a very poor family), they'd use rags and have to wash them and re/use them afterwards. I suppose this re-usable pads are designed after the same idea? Like old cloth diapers.
  7. Eww.. imagine if they came out with reuseable tampons? :yucky:
  8. We live in 2007. But disposable menstrual supplies, much like disposable diapers (they're made from the exact same materials) are a relatively new concept. For millenia before the invention of the disposable pad and tampon, women were doing the best they could with what they had--using cloth to catch the flow.
  9. I have heard of reusable pads before.
  10. My mother used thick cotton cloths folded up (in the 70s). It's basically the same principle as using cloth diapers for babies. It's not unhygienic as long as everything is washed, dried and ironed well.
  11. Well the company's pitch was to be more environmentally aware. They had statistics on how many a woman uses in a life time and these reusable ones would do the environment much better. However, would it really be appropriate for women these days? I don't know... I wouldn't use them!
  12. I learned about these several years ago from people who were trying them on another forum. Basically, they are handmade cotton pads that snap around your panties. You can buy a whole set. You just soak them in cold water and wash them when you're done. Some women swear by them. I thought about giving them a try (you would definitely save some money), but cleaning them seems like hassle. The company linked below also sells a reusable rubber menstrual cup (a resuable version of Instead, basically).


  13. Same with my mom....
  14. Just so people know, we also had tampons - in the 70's!
    Maybe you didn't mean this as 'ancient history.' But I read it like that, sorry my issue.
  15. I think there was color tv too. :roflmfao:

    Anyway, this just sounds like a foul idea. There is a reason things evolve. I don't need to wear a diaper, which is what I equate pads to anyway.