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  1. I have a garden party and sure enough I wasnt paying attention and sat on the box, crushing it! Don't panic, he bag is fine. I know Hermes doesnt give boxes away, understandable to prevent fraud. When I bring my pre-owner but authentic 32cm kelly in for spa treatment (it doesnt come with the box) do you think Hermes would be kind enough to box it for me?
  2. No, they won't give you another box. I tried that too after my box was injured during a move.
  3. I left a box behind at the H duty free at Heathrow. Not knowing the hoops I needed to jump through to get a box, I was told that to order a box for my Lindy would take at least six months. They got me something (I think it was hanging around the basement of the store, because it was way too large for my bag,) but I have a box now. My recently spa'd Kelly, which came with no bag or box, was returned from Madison avenue in a new dust bag.
  4. Nope... no box .. just a dust bag.

  5. Hello, I would like to drop my bag for repair tomorrow...Good to know they will be giving dust bag..

    btw, is that free or they will charge u?

  6. There's a charge for spa, of course, but not for the dust bag.

  7. Thank you :biggrin:
  8. Hmmmmmm no no boxes but.....you may ask and say if ever you have a spare ?? Think of me because I was once at a sample sale and all they give you are white bags and the corresponding dust bags so I know that at some point at some store they do destroy boxes so ask maybe just maybe at some point they shall give you one .hope it helps darling.birkel.
  9. I asked for a new dustbag when I dropped my Vintage kelly for a spa couple months ago, but H said no :sad:
  10. ^^^ really? What a shame. I got one when my vintage Kelly went for spa.
  11. Only in the US, I think.
  12. I know we are supposed to keep the boxes, but I must say that take up a lot of closet space. I'm always vacillating to keep or not.
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  14. It may depend on the store and SA. I sent my blk box "vintage" constance in for a spa and was surprised when it came back without a dust bag. I asked my SA if they had a "spare" dustbag in the back and to my pleasant surprise, she came back with a dustbag and box! I don't think this is the norm and I am thankful to have been so lucky.
  15. wow good for you lala28, I didn't have that luck with my vintage kelly :smile: