Uh Oh.....

  1. I called my BV SA today to find out what was on sale. It seems that they have Venetas and Campanas on sale. (I guess they must have lots of other stuff on sale but I only inquired about the Veneta and the Campana :smile:).

    She told me that they have a large Campana in beige on sale. The price is in Dubai currency but it works out at approximately 950 dollars US.

    That to me sounds like a bargain!!! But I don't recognise the colour "Beige". I'm going tonight for a look.

    I have only ever bought a Veneta but have been thinking about a Campana for a long time. Does anyone own the large Campana? Is it comfortable? Does it stay on the shoulder.

    So many questions!

    Thank you for any help you enablers can give me.

    VKD x
  2. hi VKD,

    that sounds like a bargain to me too...
    I don't have a campana but also considered getting one in the past
    go try it out in store and keep us posted

    good luck :flowers:
  3. VKD, I have the black large campana, and it sits very comfortably on the shoulder. I think you should go for it, because it sounds like a good deal. The colour she has described as beige is probably the camel colour from FW07 because it went on sale here. It is a very pretty and fresh light beige, much lighter than the tan coloured noce. Good luck trying it on and let us know how it goes!
  4. hi vkd and syma, i think the venetas come in a colour called beige is close to, but not the camel. when i was trying on the moutarde and camel venetas a couple of days ago one of the sas showed it to me - she also called it "beige". it is a shade lighter than the camel, but darker than blonde.
  5. Oooh!!

    And pray tell how much the Venetas might be? :p
  6. hi nymph, the large venetas are retailing at sgd3,230.
  7. If you have the taka card, it goes at 10% off (or SGD2907) during the taka sale.
  8. Hi Guys

    Sadly they did not have any large Campana's on sale only the smaller size in red, cream and beige. They only had large Veneta's on sale in cream and beige and I really wanted to branch out to a different style. Nevermind.
  9. hi vkd, sorry to hear that. i think you should keep searching for your campana - it's an iconic bv and definitely a functional and very comfy looking bag.
  10. Hi Armcandyaddict

    I have been thinking about it for a long time but every time I get close to buying one a Veneta pops up that I cannot live without. I know I'll get there in the end :sad:
  11. Hey VKD, they have a Veneta on sale in "beige"? Is that the blonde? Could you find out the exact name for us please?
  12. Thanks aca and triggerpuff! I was wondering how much they were going for in Dubai :shame:
  13. Hi Minda

    They have sold out of all the light coloured Venetas. They only have the Royale on sale in the Maxi size and the very smallest size.