Uh Oh...!

  1. I just purchased my first Balenciaga (a brand new 2005 Black First with goooorgeous leather!) And now I can see why so many people are addicted to this brand... My new bag is so soft, light-weight, and incredibly eye-catching without being covered in logos... Ahhh, I'm in love... :heart:

    I've only had the bag for two days, and I'm already considering selling all of my other bags (Gucci, Fendi, etc) to fund more Bbags! :graucho:

    I see this becoming a problem... But I suppose there are worse problems to have, right? :wlae:
  2. Yes welcome!!! you will end up trading them all i bet! We need to see pics of this beauty, congrats!
  3. Hey, congrats on your new bag! I cannot wait to get my first one as well.
  4. welcome to the madness! lol bbags are DEFINITELY addictive!!!
  5. yay! congrats on your new bag!:tup: i bet she's a beauty! :heart:
  6. WELCOME to the party!! can I get you something to drink? ;) Congrats!!
  7. Welcome to the bBag addiction parade~!! I've sold off all my other brand bags already.. and its only been a month! You're not alone!! ;)
  8. haha congratulations! i just got my first bbag...a black first! 2 months ago..and i am addicted! i dream about them all the time....lol
  9. Totally understandable! I was a total Chloe chic (I had some LV as well). But I'v sold all of my non-bbags and now I strictly carry bbags! They are so addictive! The only other brand I think (for now) that I would consider is Chanel.
  10. Oh congratulations! Your first sounds lovely. Welcome to our addiction!
  11. I also have a black 05 First. They are so gorgeous, congrats!!
    I like to have some variety though, so I have a city, 2 Firsts and a Hobo. But I also keep my LVs etc. No bags get used too much this way.
  12. Congrats on your gorg o5 first :drool: Do you have any pics to show us?

    They are definitely addicting! I've aquired 3 bbags over a period of about 5 months.. whew! I love them!!
  13. Hi, Liya and welcome to Balworld. Your '05 black First sounds wonderful. Hope you'll post pics soon. Congrats on your purchase.
  14. C O N G R A T S !!! :yahoo: Pics, pics, pics...
  15. Hahaha... I can totaly relate! Congrats!!!