Uh Oh

  1. So much for buying only one bag this summer... of course I had to e-mail pulse and ask what they had left in spiaggia :push: And, of course, they have one bambino left - and it has the exact character I want on it, front and center (rasta inner-tube boy). Noooo! This is definitely a deal I can't pass up. But once I get this... I CAN'T SLIP UP AGAIN :crybaby: It's... such... an... addiction...

  2. hey, it isn't that bad. now you're only getting two bags this summer! :graucho: since it's the last bag, plus your perfect print placement, you can't give it up. it was meant to be! :tup:
  3. I suppose haha~ Plus, I did get a great deal on it. 20% off and free shipping :biggrin:
  4. yes .. u can't beat 20% off and free shipping!! congrats!!
  5. 20% off plus free shipping? hmmmm..... what other prints and bags do they have? :graucho:
  6. I don't know what other prints they have... but I remember seeing a post on here last night listing what bags they had left. I think they were mostly big ones - I remember whoever posted saying they had a luna... but I forget which others. Hmmm... :sweatdrop: Sawrrryy.
  7. Yess... $86.40 for a bambino is quite a steal :tup:
  8. heheheh you sound like me, "oh, what's one more...??!?!?"
  9. LMFAO...everyone is enabling you ^__^ HAHAHAHAHAH.
  10. Make it stop!! haha :p
  11. LMFAO...you know this place is full of enablers, I doubt it will stop hahaha. Which is why I try not to let everyone know what I want so nobody can tell me to get it hahah especially right now since I'm kinda on a ban. I think it's been a week lolz...? hmm.
  12. haha only week?

    my last purchase was 2 weeks ago.. and thats it till who knows what hah

    i think im done with toki for now.. im liking vacanze and tutti thats all but i bet coem july outlet shopping will start
  13. haha i THINK it's been a week lolz...oh god, I hope so? LOL..last thing I got was my Foresta Bella....lol.
  14. Congrats Dancing Nancies!:tup: And, yeah, we're all a bunch of enablers.:lol: At least I think I am finally done with older prints unless something fantastically rare comes along. But I have styles in all 4 upcoming prints pre-ordered, so I can't really boast being on a ban lol.:shame:
  15. I haven't pre-ordered anything in the next 4 prints... I think I might shop around for a little famiglia bag (maybe another bambino) when that comes out~ But for now I really want to save my money for like... a zucca or something. A trasporto zucca sounds fun :p