Uh Oh...

  1. I hope I havent been had. My DH just bought me the patent skini minny off of eBay. I have warned him about that but we couldnt find one in any of the local stores, the boutique, or the outlets. Any way, would you guys check this out please?? I posted this over on authenticate this but I am getting really antsy and thought maybe you all could give me some opinions while I am waiting for someone to reply on the other thread. Thanks!
    eBay: AUTHENTIC COACH PATENT LEATHER MINI SKINNY (item 270093371837 end time Mar-03-07 09:52:17 PST)
  2. I had been looking for a patent mini skinny also. I did not bid on this one because it is lined in blue. All of the other skinny's I saw in this color had been lined in pink.
    I am not sure why it is lined in a different color. Maybe someone else will know.
  3. I talked to a lady at Coachs 888 number and she said the mahogany patents came with blue and pink linings. My tote and my wristlet are both pink linings , go figure I would get the mini with a blue lining.
  4. Looks good to me.
  5. I emailed the lady and told her my DH purchased it and that I was concerned about the authenticity and that it had a blue lining (that was before I talked to the lady at Coach) and she told me she bought it at the outlet and that she made a mistake about the lining - it is pink. YAY! Keeping fingers crossed that its real.