Uh oh...went to the mothership Chloe.com

  1. Gulp:sweatdrop:....I saw what is up for Winter '07/08 and it is NOT A PRETTY SIGHT. All I can say is that the shoes look good. I know these new 'ideas' can take some getting used to but I dread to read what the Bag Snob will say. I think she'll drop Chloe after all. Check out the telephone cord handle revision on the Bay. Or not - at least not without some Pepto Bismal.:throwup:
  2. you should see the crap from the mainline in clothes!:wtf::throwup: it aint just the bags, sadly...
  3. what is wrong with chloe?
  4. Call me crazy (and I can't believe I'm saying this) but I actually am drawn to these new bags, especially the patent Elvira bags. They're quirky, they're fun and their different. However, I know what I will hate...the price.
  5. I am definitley not excited about anything I saw but you never know how they all look in real life!
  6. i saw them IRL at Saks today.

  7. I too, have seen them IRL and I agree that the bags are not attractive,:cursing: (for the most part) I saw one that I love and ordered it: the DOME paddy in washed black patent from neimanmarcus.com. It's about 16x9 and really gorgeous. I also ordered it in mocha from Nordstroms. :nuts:They are in stock now...other than that, I am glad that I have my earlier collection since those are getting harder and harder to find. ;)What has happened to Chloe? Well, one huge thing was the departure of Phoebe Philo. :graucho:Unfortunately, they have not been able to replace her wonderful talent. I don't think we will see the likes of her (or those wonderful '05, '06, and even '07 bags) again!:sad:

  8. Wow you got the new dome patent!! I really like that bag. As I stated above I think Chloe's new patents are fabulous and I'm going to stick to the patent Elvira as being very cool. Please more information if I may?? Which Nordies did you purchase your bag Chicago? What other color patents did they have, RED by any chance? Did you have a SA to recommend????

    LAST we must see pics. I think this new bag is stunning. I think Capsules are stunning.:nuts:
  9. Beanie - I am so jealous! I have been eyeing that patent dome capsule for quite some time but only on line. My Neiman's doesn't have it in yet. I did buy the large capsule satchel (undomed)- and it is a doozy and makes for a great travel tote. That's how I am justifying that I need another - smaller - capsule. As susieserb rationalizes (Susie - I thought you had people threatening to do an intervention for you?) these domed capsules would be fabulous in red. We both need red purses. Is the mocha a patent????? (I already have a chocolate patent Chloe.)
  10. I got the mocha from Rachel at the Nordstroms in Bellevue, Washington. Her number is 425-455-5800, ext. 1256. She is the manager there of the designer handbags and she is AMAZING! :tup: She will email you with pics and then order whatever you want. Also, she can hunt it down if her store isn't carrying it.
    I made one mistake about the patent leather. After I got the DOME paddy, (loved it) from NM online, I happen to go INTO the store at Northbrook Court, (suburban Chicago) and saw that they had the regular classic paddy in black patent too! Then I saw they had the new "oro" sort of snakeskin design paddy as well. There went the budget!!! In addition to that, I remembered that Rachel had sent me pics of the snakeskin like leather one in a color called "argent," (there they go again!) which is a silvery-blue tone...absolutely TDF! :yahoo:So after I bought both the patent and the "oro," which are brownish gray tones, I ordered the "argent" paddy from Rachel. (I haven't even gotten the mocha DOME she sent yet, I'm sure she thinks I'm nuts! :nuts:) which would be the case, actually! Oh, to answer your question....I didn't see the DOME in any other color other than beige, (didn't care for beige patent) or black leather...which was cool, but I have enough of black paddy styles already! (I think!):rolleyes: Sorry no pics though, my DH, the camera guy, would commit me if he saw the "chloe closet." He thinks 2 handbags would be enough for any sane person...and he'd probably be right! LOL BTW, which chocolate Chloe do you have? Sounds lucious!
  11. :happydance:Can I morph into you Beanie for like a few weeks.

    The search continues for a red purse; perhaps in the Spring when Chloe selections will grow along with my bank account.
  12. those bags sound alright post some pics when they come!
  13. They now have the regular Paddy in black patent and argent python? (Actually my argent python Silverado is soo beautiful I can barely stand it) Forget about heaven. I'll join the rest of the gals in your closet!
  14. Yes and no. :p They have the regular classic paddy in black patent with a patent leather covered lock. (GORGEOUS! I almost fainted on the sales floor!) :tup: I haven't seen the classic paddy in ANY other patent but black. My daughter was at the Chicago, (Michigan Avenue store) and she didn't see it at all there, so only Northbrook must have gotten it in, OR Michigan Avenue had sold out already.:drool::drool::drool: ALSO, they have the classic paddy in a new "patterned" leather, but the pattern of the leather looks LIKE a snakeskin type look, but it's NOT snakeskin or python, it's leather. It's just the way they have dyed the leather. One is called "oro" and it has brownish gray tones, and the other one is called "argent" and is in the silvery-bluish gray tones....call Rachel at Nordstroms in Bellevue, WA and she will email you pics of both. I found the "oro" at NM in Northbrook Court near Chicago, and ordered the "argent" from Rachel. That was my shopping spree for the day. Serenity now....:smile:
  15. I'd say that's quite the day for you! Beanie - you are our heroine! I'm glad you discovered that patent Paddy and certainly I'm relieved that you didn't actually faint or anything. We need you healthy and shopping!!! But I have to ask - you are rather tall if I remember correctly. Do you have any regular sized Paddies in your collection? I find them a tad too small for me - darn it. Oh - I think you can see the oro textured Paddy in a post in the shopping section from a gal named XOStephXO. I think she is a Neiman Marcus SA in Texas. She posted some pics of new bags in her store. I have to pay off the Bay I bought for my daughter (who is also in Chicago going to school) before I can even approach the new seaon's bags...