Uh-oh...to keep or not to keep?!

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  1. I've been SO very bad lately :blush:. And I ONLY ordered this bag because it was "the last one" in the country...per JAX, and well, also because I've been eyeing her for a while now, and fear that she won't make it to the outlet. Problem is I paid FP for her, and I will only keep her if she's worth it. Still undecided about this one...anyone up for a reveal?
  2. OOoh ME ME!
  3. Ohhh I want to see!!
  4. :tup:
  5. Me too! Do show!
  6. Okay, so I ordered her from the store (apparently, the ONLY store that had one left) and they shipped her Thursday... To my surprise, FEDEX showed up @ my home this morning!
  7. :roflmfao:a picture of a fedex truck? You crack me up! show us, show us!:wtf:
  8. ^^Awesome pic!! Let's see more!!!

    BTW, I just PM'd you back!!
  9. ^^Talk about timing baglady! So, YOU already know what it is! Don't tell :whistle:!
  10. Let's get to the real pictures! Lol.
  11. She feels pretty light, so I'm already psyched. I was worried that she'd be another "too heavy, and not to be used on shopping sprees" bag.
  12. Oooooh...and I FINALLY get a pretty gift box (in my fave color, to boot!!):
  13. Here, let me give you the full effect, without the paperwork in the way...:P
  14. I love that pink box. I have one next to me right now.
  15. Oh I have the pink box too, my cat loves it a little too much right now!!