Uh oh... this can't be good LOL

  1. So I'm taking my daily mid-afternoon nap when I get this knock on the door... hmmm... package from Robyn. Fleeting thoughts go through my head as I examine this package. And in recent memory is Samantha's lovely gift, the toilet seat. Nope, the shape is too square and small for a toilet seat. But you gotta wonder, when it comes to Robyn, she can be up to no good LOL :flowers:
  2. Pics uploading...
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Aw crap, guys, I HAVE to go now and get DS... pics are still uploading.

    Which means, this will have to wait until TOMORROW. I promise, this has a happy ending. Any guesses welcome. And Robyn, as you know, you're the best.
  7. Till tomorrow then bonniec.
  8. Are you kidding me????? You get your butt back here RIGHT NOW!!!!!! ;)
  9. Oh no....I would recognize that eBay packing box, festive paper, and shiny gold bow anywhere! Robyn??? jburgh are you in on this one too??? How late were you ladies up that one night?

    Bonnie, you are leaving us hanging:roflmfao: I so wanted to do that with my package(almost did) hehehe. I want to say good job but I am really curious!

    This must be guessing time right? Hmmmm...do they make Jimmy Choo plungers?
  10. OK DS is hunger-striking on me so I have a moment before I head to work...[​IMG]
  11. Ceramic purse filled with CHOCOLATES!!!! Way to get into the heart (or tummy) of a preggers!!! Thanks Robyn! [​IMG]
  12. with the lovely card from the ever so-proper Robyn:heart:
  13. How sweet!!
  14. Very sweet indeed! :girlsigh:
  15. Are they all gone yet, bonniec?