Uh oh, someone's been a bit bad...! NEW HAULS AND NEW FAMILY PICS!!

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  1. So by now most of you will have seen my new Bbags that i have been shamelessly flashing around TPF :graucho:

    I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who left comments after my pre-Christmas Bbag fiasco and also reassure, that in my new pursuit, i had not forgotten my precious Chloe!

    And so, in all their glory, here are my new Chloes, all my new purchases and some nice, happy family pics! Enjoy! :party:

    First up......

    08 Prune Saskia (just to make sure my Heloise had a friend!):



    Next up, a holy grail i never knew i had until i saw it....

    05 Bleu Nuit Baby Loaf Paddington (long name!) - up there with my best finds and in mint condition!




    My 4 new bags of 09!

  2. And one big, happy family!


  3. :wtf: STUNNING!!!! :wtf:

    Congrats on such a gorgeous haul of bags! :woohoo:

    I'm so glad you got a Bleu Nuit, and in a loaf style :drool: Super rare!

    That family pic is amazing too, so colourful. :heart:

    I've saved it to my PC so I can stare at it and smile throughout the day - I wish they all were mine :nuts:
  4. OMG you have all the colours of the rainbow....they are all soooooooooooo stunning!

    I LOVE your prune SASKIA....YUMYUMYUM:sweatdrop::tup:
  5. :nuts::nuts::yahoo::yahoo:Gorgeous collection WOW !! love them all

    That Baby bleu nuit is a stunner !!!
  6. What a beautiful family!:smile::heart:
  7. Love the saskia, I am adding it to my shopping list!
  8. Yummy yummy!! :drool: All of them!
  9. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

    GORGEOUS collection! Congrats!
  10. oh congrats!!! beautiful colour i love it... come on modeling pics!
  11. What a lovely and colourful family pic! I love all your new bags, the bleu nuit paddy loaf is stunning! Love your Bbags, too, and the Saskia, well, I own the same, love it!
  12. Thanks everyone! I only just realised when i got my bags out (from various different hiding places - my bf knows how many i have and is fine with it but i think he'd react differently if he saw them all out like this!) that i no longer own a black bag?! I think this is wrong and something that needs to be rectified and soon...:girlsigh: Yet so many other colours to get...! I'm trying to use a different one every day but at the same time i don't really want to draw attention as to how many there are! :bagslap:
  13. sianii11 - Looking good - great colours - enjoy:yahoo:
  14. you have a fab collection its growing nicely!
    as for a black bag you need a black betty or bay or something that you dont have!!
    congratulations again!! im sooo jealous of those bbags! i need to get one!!:roflmfao:

  15. I can fix up your black bag blues! ;) I'll trade you a black bin bag for your wonderful bag collection :roflmfao: You'll definitely have a black bag then!:roflmfao:

    I'm amazed you can decide which bag to wear each day - there's too many gorgeous choices.:drool: