uh-oh snack attack!

  1. does anyone else have this problem?

    I was really good today. I ate slower because I read that it takes about fifteen minutes for your stomach to signal your body that it's full?

    :push: i sometimes eat in a rush because of time limit/work but i do that now, and i eat less in portions (i used to eat a whole dish myself including side dishes)

    but my mom just brought a bag of marshmellows from target and i already ate 10 pieces (jumbo size)! :crybaby:

    it was like one after another...and you can't stop?

    i feel like just popping another one into my mouth but i know it can't be good.
  2. mmmmm marshmellows are hard to stop eating...me and my boyfriend finished a whole bag of mini marshmellows in two days yummy

    i eat quick also...i need to stop and enjoy my meal
  3. i know!

    :smile: now i'm craving the mini marshmellows..those colorful ones? cute!

    but for some reason the local safeways and target doesn't have them...is that discontinued?
  4. I love marshamallows with chocolate in the centre. Luckily you can buy them individually packed in Japan. I often buy just one or two so I won't be tempted.
  5. you can buy them here too! *sigh* it's a bit more expensive so that helps me from not buying it too much

    but i love the ones with the blueberry flavor inside.

    speaking of chocolate..somehow someone's left me a chocolate brownie this morning.

    i think it's because it's around the house i eat it?

    but even if it wasn't i would get cravings and the local japanese market is only four blocks away!
  6. I love these bars (133 calories) but if you leave a bit ;)