Uh-oh...saw the new red jumbo in person...

  1. And I was not super thrilled about the chain. :shrugs:

    The chain look nice against the red b-cuz of the contrast. I prefer the new chain on the red caviar much more than the black.....BUT it was so dainty looking to me. :push:

    I can't explain it. its like I thought it should have been more substantial in size. Argh. I dunno.

    I ordered the red jumbo by phone and just so happened to see it in person tonight at my local store. I was really surprised b-cuz I didnt think they were readily available.

    Anyway--just had to share. I guess I will wait until mine arrives in the mail and see how I really feel. The red is just beautiful but I just don't know for sure about the chain. it looks great in everyones pics but touching it in person I was slightly disappointed. Its really thin. Oh well

    Anyone else have thoughts on the new chain?
  2. I love the change. The old chain with leather interwoven was so heavy, and added to the already heavy caviar jumbo bag - well it was hard to carry. I'm thrilled about the new chain.:yes:
  3. Yes, the new chain is alot lighter then the old chain, but I love how the old chain gives the bag that extra 'pop' of character.

    Heavy or not, its just sooo much more classic =D
  4. the new chain is absolutely what had me sold on getting the red caviar...well and the color!
  5. Don't get me wrong. I like the look of the new chain in silver next to the red. I guess I just wish the chain was a little bigger. Its thin IMO

    Then again when I was looking at it today I had an SA staring at me so I couldnt really play w/ it like i wanted.
    Once i get mine and try it on w/ some different things maybe I'll be able to say for certain
  6. i love the look of the new chain. I got a few bags with the classic old chain look- in diff colors and I think this is a great unique change
    The chain makes the bag- I felt the same as you did- but about the color- only that I wasn't in love first sight- I was anxious about the color, but after talking to Mon- not that she swayed me, just told me to give it a few days- well did not have to wait that long- When I took her outside against the sunlight- it absoulutly glowed- IMO..
    She is a keeper- to me anyway
  7. I saw the bag in black with the new chain, and love it!
  8. I got the med red lambskin -the colour wasn't quite what I had expected but the more I try it on the more I get to like it .I must agree it shows better off in natural light though!I like the new chain but I think it's a bit thin
    for bigger sizes although I haven't seen it on jumbos IRL.
    I do looove the reissue chain ,the ruthenium in particular
    and I wonder too if the new one will be of the same lasting quality!:girlsigh:
  9. ditto...
  10. I tried the jumbo on today and loved it also. The chain doesn't bother me at all. Sadly, this one was on hold, so I could not get it (or I would have). I also the black jumbo w/the new chain and one with the old chain. I see what you mean about the diff. in chains. I think, you either love it or not. The shade of red IS gorgeous. Now, I just have to find the bag!!! :crybaby:
  11. cjj
    i got a call today but declined it cuz i'm getting one from Saks, i will pm u the sa, maybe it's still there
  12. I heard that Saks has really bad serivce tho. Does NM have the red jumbo too??
  13. i've never had a bad experience at Saks, and yes, nm did order the jumbo as well
  14. I like it & found the chain is very light (luv it)!
  15. I like both! But it really does pop out more on certain colors.