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  1. Just got back from my Saks store.
    My SA Donna told me that her store has pulled the new modern chain bags OFF the shelves..DUE to a DEFECT.The plastic chain links are all falling apart@@!

    What is up this year with CHANEL and the poor quality??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She pulled a bag out and showed me too..it was AWFUL!!!!the links just disconnect!!
  2. They are having problems like this yet they still dare to raise their prices? Wow
  3. I think a pfer posted this happened to her...... well, I guess we should be happy they're not going to sell them. What is the retail on this bag again? Almost 3K?
  4. I think sometimes creative people forget to be realistic. Cute design, not so cute design for real life!
  5. I went to the Nordstrom - topanga in Woodland Hills and in front of the S/A the links just fell apart!:tdown::tdown:

    She tried to down play it like it was no big deal and still tried to get me to buy the bag!
    I couldn't believe it!:mad:
    You know if it was her own money she wouldn't have reacted that way :sad:
  6. And how much do these bag run this year?

    I'm seriously getting into the vintage chanels.
  7. Agreed! Now I don't have to post it myself! :biggrin:

    I never like to be the one to invest in prototypes - new leather, chains, etc. - until they've been tested to be long-lasting and durable.
  8. OMG! That is unforgivable. What a shame! I am keeping my fingers crossed that whoever got this collection will still be able to return them
  9. Wow, I'm glad I wasn't really wowed by the new design to begin with. If I were to ever get a MC tote, it would definitely be the older style with metal chain handles. :yes: Seems much more durable.
  10. As for the price, it ranges from 1995 to 2650, before tax. YIKES!:yucky:
  11. That's how I feel about cars... we shouldn't have to worry about a new style of bag. Shame on you, Chanel.

    By the way, Jill, I thought your title referred to the "New Modern Chain" from this fall, the one with the glazed leather. I was seriously worried for a minute.
  12. Completely agree! :flowers:
  13. Ahhhhh this sucks!!!! The expandables have been good and the sharpei's, but the flaps have had some serious issues too.
  14. ^There was a TPF'er who said the strap on her expandable broke 2 days after she got it.
  15. Can anyone post some pictures of what is meant by the "New Modern Chain" ???? and pictures of broken chains would be nice as well..

    Thanks in advance