Uh oh - Paypal bombed - LVs may be late!

  1. I didn't know if anyone saw this yet this morning, but somebody must be mad at paypal big time!

    cbs5.com - Bomb Explodes At eBay PayPal Headquarters In SJ

    Luckily it sounds like no one was hurt. I wonder for those of us who used paypal for a purchase on ebay if there will be any delays in receiving or getting payments.

    Sure must have been scary for the people working there!
  2. WOW! i wonder if it really was someone who was mad a paypal... lucky no one was injured
  3. Someone probably got a chargeback...
  4. wow, good thing no one was hurt.
  5. I am so glad that someone was not injured just don't understand someone who would resort to this behavoir. :confused1:
  6. yikes....that is scary!!!! I'm sure it won't affect servicing since their servers should be behind fireproof & bomb-proof walls.
  7. Someone bombed paypal???
  8. Yes, can you believe it? What some people will do! The link is in the very first message if you want to read the news article.
  9. Some angry Paypal customer probably did it. Yikes!
  10. Yikes, somebody must have it in for paypal!
  11. ouch! that's bad. i'm glad no one was hurt though.
  12. Lol
  13. PayPal has changed a lot in the last year...they are now no longer "able" to retrieve funds for you if you are ripped off. They are also holding onto sellers' money for suspicious transactions (i.e. a seller selling authentic purses that PayPal is suspicious about). Of course this doesn't justify violence, but I don't find this surprising given the recent changes.

  14. I was thinking the sam exact thing!:nuts:

  15. so many of them...LOL..yikes!