Uh-oh! On a ban, but going to the boutique tomorrow.

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  1. I went crazy earlier this year with buying purses and accessories, so I'm on a self-imposed ban. But I have a friend in town the weekend and we've decided to go to lunch and then shopping/browsing on Chicago's magnificent mile. Which means... LV boutique!!!!

    Help me stay strong to just browse and not buy!!!

    Ok... maybe just something small.:confused1:
  2. You can do it! Unless you see something small and LE, then I think it would be ok to break your ban...
  3. If your friend is in town and she buys something at LV, then it would be ok to get something small-maybe an accessory of some type? It is the hospitable thing to do!
  4. Stay strong and don't give into "peer pressure". If you don't spend anything this time, you can spend it on a much bigger item later. There's no reason to give in b/c you're friend is around, just tell her your situation, and if she finds something, be happy for her.
  5. :yes:I like your logic!!