UH OH! New $7000 bag!!!

  1. Wow.. all I can say.. $7000.. geeeeez..
  2. The red is hot... but for that price I could go get a gator out of my lake and make a purse myself for cheaper lol
  3. Its okay not my style and If I was a millionare sure whats $7,000 lol
  4. Whenever I go to Coach.com the picture doesn't show. I can only see thumbnail small pics. It's okay-looking but for $7,000 I could buy a slew of purses.
  5. I don't like gators all that much! *lol* But I'm sure they'll find buyers who do.
  6. It's just a glorified Legacy Shoulder Bag. Same size...same 7" drop. $7000 just because it's gator. I'm with Candace...I'll help her get the gator out of her lake!:yes:
  7. I don't like this style that much in the alligator... now I saw Mandy Moore's red croc/alligator ergo hobo .. That was HOT!!

    If I had a lot of money... I would buy it.. Why not?
  8. not worth 7K imo!
  9. actually the red one looks like a mean lobster to me :lol:
    and the price.. yike!!
  10. NO bag is worth that much money! Let someone who is swimming in money pay for it. :yes:
  11. ridiculous :rolleyes:
  12. WANT! I love pockets, metallic colouring and the look of croc/snakeskin texture (I love my khaki and bronze signature snake satchel for those reasons) and had also been eying up that exact style, so i really wish i had not seen that bag and price! Ahhh to be rich right now, that would be heaven! :girlsigh:
  13. Ick.. no thanks! not the gator style... NOOOO!!! LOL... I would never ever buy a $7K bag!! :nogood:
  14. I've said this before but when you're getting into the $7,000 territory, why buy Coach when you can get a (regular leather) Hermes Birkin? I don't see the croc Coach holding it's value as an Hermes bag would. They should be charging 1/2 that price then it might be an investment. JMO.