Uh oh...my Mom just found out how much my purses cost!!!

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  1. So my Mom is in town...she just finally saw our house for the first time and we got her seal of approval! (That was very important to me!)

    So tonight we were talking about a slew of things...and the price of my Coach bags came up...and it was so freaking funny!

    I only have 2 Coach bags...one I paid $187 and the other $139.99 but she was speechless!

    She's taking me shoe shopping tomorrow...I need new shoes!!! :lol:
  2. nice..my mom doesn't know...but she knows there a lot...and doesn't really know how many i really have from the store or the outlet...
  3. My mom knows how much they are because shes buys me bags for my birthday and christmas.
  4. Yikes! My mom knows, she just kinda rolls her eyes and says my Dh spoils me. She thinks I'm a lil crazy. Just a little bit...lol.
  5. I think mom's are more understanding when it comes to these things! After all, moms also like bags!
  6. Yep my mom knows too.. because she buys me them all! LOL. I don't even want to know how crazy my spending habits will be when I will be in college and have a first job(planning on it being@COACH!!)!!
  7. The first time I took my mom to the outlet about 4 years ago, she thought the prices were ridiculous. At the outlet. Since then she has come to like the bags but won't go out of her way to purchase one. I gave her a black soho hobo leather last year and she loves it. She still thinks my collection is a bit insane and has asked in a joking way how many bags do you need, that I can only carry 1 at a time.
  8. Get her one for Xmas and make her a Coach convert!!!
  9. My mom knows they're expensive but she doesn't really know how much. Not that she would care because I'm an adult and I can do what I want. My mother-in-law on the other hand, she always asks how much my purses cost and I always say I'm not telling her because she's so nosy and always talking about how material things aren't important. She would just die if she knew how much money I've spent on purses!
  10. Im lucky because my mom loves coach bags too! I went to PCE w/ her just for some help picking something out and she ended up getting a bag for herself too! Shes actually the one who got me into bags in the first place so she cant really complain :lol:
  11. I bought 2 legacy shoulder bags, one for me and one for my mom for x-mas! What can I say we both have the same great tastes!!!
  12. Not my mom! She still doesn't know I have a Coach bag (I only carry a leather one when I see her so no logos for her to notice). She would flip out if she found out that I spent more than $50 for a purse (her word)! She spends about $30 every 5 years for 1 bag! She's like that with everything she buys.
  13. My mom is in her mid 60's. I'm in my early 40's and I still won't tell her what I spend on my coach bags! She'd flip. She's the garage sale queen! She wears a scary red fanny pack! I'll be getting her a nice coach one for her birthday soon, but she won't know what I paid for it!!!
  14. My mom and my sister are my Coach shopping patners. We were all at the Coach store today, in fact. I didn't buy anything, though.
  15. My mom's in her 70s and I'm 41. I bought her her first Coach which is a vintage ergo hobo in white/red. She adores it. She later found a real Coach backpack at Goodwill and recently bought a patchwork Carly at Nordies for 50% off! I've converted her! She's even helped add to my collection now! We're planing a shopping trip in May and are already talking about what outlets to hit up and what styles we want to watch out for!