Uh oh, lost a check...

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  1. I had a blank check to give to a friend but now I lost it. It wasn't signed, it's just one of my checks with my name, address, etc. So it's floating somewhere in this world... what happens if someone finds it and writes themselves a check? :sad2: I hope nobody finds it...
  2. your bank shouldn't honor it without your signature (which they should have on file) but if they do, you should be able to dispute it as stolen and get it back.
  3. Is there a way to cancel that specific check? (I have no clue).
  4. I'm awful, Amanda, my signature never looks the same.
  5. You should report it to your bank and give them the checknumber ASAP.
  6. Call them and report a lost check.
  7. You should go online (assuming you bank online) and there should be a button that will allow you to cancel the check (you should be able to tell what number it is by looking at the next check in your checkbook). I think it costs around $30 to cancel a check, but it's well worth it.

    Also call your bank and tell them you lost that check, and that if there's any suspicious activity on your account they should alert you right away.
  8. Yeah, definitely cancel the check.. It could spare you a lot of grief.
  9. Agreed. Look what cheque number it is and cancel it.