UH-OH..LOL...I just ordered this from Fendi today...

  1. Ok..I gave in and ordered the long Continental FENDI B wallet in all black leather..should be here by Wed...I hope....!!It was 520.00 but Im in love with the style...HEE!HEE!Will post pics when it gets here......:smile:
  2. oooh i saw that on eLuxury :love:! i've been thinking of getting it too :nuts:!
  3. I know, TDF. Yay for you, Jill!
  4. YEUX...it even matches our Fendi B ballerinas...LMAO!!!!HOW CUTE!
  5. I love that wallet! Please post pictures! I am really wanting a Fendi Bbag! Do you have a Fendi B bag too?
  6. ^ NOPE..Im gonna use it in my black spy bag...
  7. I KNOW :nuts:! now i really want it :drool:
  8. [​IMG]This is the one I ordered from Fendi!!WOOHOO! LOVE IT!
  9. its nice! congrats!
  10. Congrats Jill! Can't wait for the pictures!!
  11. ^I cant wait either!!Its shipping today..so it should b here by Wed...I hate waiting..LOL..SO IMPATIENT..I just realized though that I shoulda ordered it thru ELUX..I paid sales tax thru Fendi and wouldnt of had to if I went thru ELUX..OH WELL..
  12. It's shipping today? Today is a holiday. Is there mail today?
  13. She said it goes out via fedex on Monday..So Im assuming Fedex is open..LOL..I hope so..if I have to wait an extra day..I ll CRY!!
  14. PS-PO is closed today..My kids had school today though..ICK!
  15. Congrats.
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