Uh oh - just bought an olive Phoebe!

  1. There I was just browsing the threads, having a good catch up when I came across Ali-bagpuss's thread about the Phoebe. All you Mulberry obsessives will know what happened next. I kept on thinking about that bag. :love:
    Somehow the phone was in my hand and I was talking to the factory shop in Shepton and they had the olive Phoebe for £297! Before I knew it I'd bought it. Now how on earth did that happen?? :graucho:
  2. :drool: Olive Phoebe is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats! :yes:
  3. Well I certainly hope they had more than one then because I phoned them this morning and found this out. I've been trying to persuade my hubby (who has the money) that I need one!

    I'll be tracking you down for it if they don't have anymore!!! Ha!

    When it arrives - you must post a photo.

    Sorry for 'making' you buy another bag.
  4. :bagslap:
  5. ^love it - but it won't get to that I assure you!

    After all, I wouldn't have even know where to get one from if it wasn't for sarajane. I'm sure the shop have more than one (well I hope so anyway) If they don't and sarajane has just bought it then it will be my hubby who is in trouble!!!

  6. Ali - I checked how many they had before I bought it. There's no way I would have swiped it from under your nose! They had 3 so there's one for each of us. Persuade that DH quick and snap yours up. They won't hang around long at that price.
  7. Congrats, great price! Phoebe is so nice and classy and olive will look perfect this season!