UH OH -- Jill it's all your fault ...

  1. I really wasn't a fan of the gauffes -- but then, like the odd little pet animal you fall maddly for -- I started to see the allure.

    So, just nabbed the last graduated brown gauffre tote with shoulder strag on bluefly (and an elie tahari cami I'd been eyeing) 1700 with the discount code.

    Tiny pic for now as I forgot, as always, to nab it before I got through payment:


    While I'm at it, here's a studded miu miu I picked up for a song on eBay too. The miu miu looks right up Emmy's alley.

    I believe I am going to have to do a 12 step program very very soon !!
    prada gauffe taute.jpg dcd0_1.jpg
  2. ah! you bought that one..! WELCOME to the club! :p
  3. Congrats! :tup:
  4. WOW!! Good for you!! :smile:
  5. Hee hee. Resident Bluefly enabler here. :devil:
    Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics.
  6. Ahhh....I was wondering who took the last one!!! None were available when I looked! congrats on snatching it up! Post modeling pics when you get it!
  7. ^^^There's a walnut and the camel that bounced back. Sometimes people put them in their shopping cart and on Bluefly, that makes them unavailable for at least an hour. I just checked and for the moment, there are two. :yes:
  8. Holy moly! it's already gone..they're not even showin the pic! I'm glad you got yours though!!! :yahoo:
  9. lol!!!!
    Why do I think there is gonna be a hubby/SO hit out on me for enabling u guys????

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG...i HAVE AND adore THAT BAG THE MOST!!!!
  10. Jenskar... is this the one you got???
  11. Pad -- yes that's it -- in walnut -- and I nabbed a pic of it late this afternoon as someone must have taken one out of their cart -- last night there were two when I first looked, then just the one I got. There was a ruched satchel (taller, squarer then too).
    Jill -- my hsb is a horrible enabler ! The two of us shopping together is a disaster -- it's actually cheaper now that I'm online by myself instead of dragging him through the two nearby Neimans ;)
    Thanks for sharing my excitement everyone -- Ms. Psycho I do believe you are responsible for both of my "since joining the forum" snags
  12. I was eyeing that a couple of hours ago! Great choice! I need something bigger though or I'd have gotten it:tup:
  13. Jenskar, you got a gorgeous bag. Congrats!
    Looking forward to your pictures. =)
  14. beautiful bag, Jenskar.... Jill did the same thing to me. I had to run out and buy a $2900 gauffe after I saw a picture of one of hers!
  15. There's another 1 or 2 still there this morning if anyone is interested. I cannot wait to see it !
    They seem to have moved all the fur and fur trimmed bags out of inventory. I was so hoping those would get cheaper especially the one that doubled as a muff.