Uh-Oh...It's The Big 3-0!!!

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  1. Yep, it's true ladies. I turn *gasp* 30 this week!!! Wednesday to be precise. And believe it or not I'm actually excited :P

    So here's where I need your help - - I want to get a JC charm to commemorate the occasion but don't know enough about the older styles to make the best pick. And I don't want to spend more than $75-$100 at most. Preferably around $50-ish.

    A little about me...I live in the midwest, I LOVE hot weather, the beach and cruising (as in a big cruise ship in the Caribbean or Alaska), I have two girls (10 and 5) and have been married for 11 years. Both of my girls do competitive cheerleading (the oldest is on a Nationals traveling team). I don't care much for chocolate (strange, I know), I love to read and watch movies. Other than my new-found love for JC charms, I "collect" Coach bags & accessories. That's about it for my "simple life."

    TIA for helping mark this momentous occasion the RIGHT way ;)
  2. First off, congrats on your upcoming birthday!
    And second, I would say maybe the piece of cake if you can find one!


    Or the lilac cupcake, since I see it's on your wishlist. :biggrin:
  3. ^^oohhh good one,lv.
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    You could get the yacht charm off of ebay. In fact I just won that from one of Adams auctions and I believe it's in your price range.It looks like a really cool charm and I love cruising also.
  5. Well, Happy Birthday!

    I would think the new(ish) Sail Boat would work. I love the colors of blue and yellow and this charm really works with some of the other seaside/beach related charms. I like to wear my sailboat with the palm tree and the whale, but it goes with the light house, bucket/pail, or any of the sea creatures.

    On a more personal note, maybe one of the many purse charms? Some are still available retail and at the outlets.
  6. my suggestion is the princess carriage! i think it's an awesome charm for a coachie! :heart:

    besides, if you see turning 30 as a bit of a milestone, it's a day when you truly deserve to be a princess (or a queen)! :nuts:
  7. Thanks!

    I really like the yacht but they are pricey right now - there are two on *bay right now one is $200 BIN and the other is $134 OBO. But I think I might watch out for that one in the future! I also like the piece of cake - yum!!!
  8. Oh, I LOVE that idea!!!!! Since the yacht is too pricey for me right now, I think this is the front-runner. And the charm is super cute - I saw it IRL at my local Von Maur!!! And I'm lucky to have a hubby that does treat me like a princess/queen (admittadly more than I deserve :biggrin:)!!
  9. kphillips I hope you have a good Birthday!
    Dragonette's Princess carriage is a great suggestion! It pulls your love of Coach & Juicy together too in that one charm!
  10. Hope you have a fantastic birthday!! I love the idea of the princess carriage charm as well!! Good call dragonette!! I love the piece of cake also but boy are they hard to come by!!
  11. Kphillips- I didn't realize it was that pricey. I don't remember paying quite that much for mine.But heck it is a special birthday and the carriage which I have and adore also is not to cheap. I still think you should get the yacht if you can swing it Oh and happy birthday!!!
  12. Thanks everyone!

    What about this carriage - real? Seller has low but good feedback. Juicy Couture Princess Carriage Charm - eBay (item 160349394511 end time Aug-16-09 06:45:36 PDT) Otherwise I am sure my local Von Maur has one or I thought I recall an online retailer had one, I just have to remember which one...

    Oh, the yacht is definitely going on my "one of these days" wishlist!! Cruising is my most favorite way to vacation so it's very sentimental!

    And the piece of cake is cute too! But hard to find at the moment. There is a great deal on one for $18.50 BIN...from China!!! I think I'll pass. There are only two on the bay right now including the one from China. I missed one that just ended earlier today for $52.
  13. ^It looks ok but I don't like how they listed it as "100% original Juicy Couture," original isn't the same as authentic.
    I'd ask the seller if it's in the correct, tagged box and see what she says.

    Also, I saw a carriage at Bloomie's yesterday, not sure if they ship though.
  14. Her pics are terrible too so I'm wondering if she may not just be an inexperienced seller. I already emailed her to ask if it was in the orig tagged box and to make sure the charm was mint and working (doesn't the wheels actually move)?

    I found one online at Saks and they have free shipping (and no tax since there isn't a store in Neb)! I might also give the outlet a call to see if they by chance had one.
  15. i don't think the wheels move on the carriage, although i don't have that one, so not 100%