1. Neiman Marcus just started putting up its resort PRADA bags and shoes...BEWARE!!Your checkbooks may feel this pain too...I like the very first bag in the beige color ....and the shoes are really cute too...sigh....so much for being good,...............hehe!
  2. Phew. Nothing that makes me drool!

    Actually, the prices didn't look that bad. Well, compared to the F/W prices anyway. :push:
  3. NOW IM REALLY SCARED..:nuts::wtf::woohoo:My Prada SA sent me KILLER pics of new bags(Super wicked cool bags!LOL!)and clothing..she is sending me a bunch of new bags and clothes to try out tomorrow!!!:tup:
    Stay tuned..I will post pics..Im home sick so I got lots of time to post pics for u all ...hehe!
  4. LOL..whats even scarier is that I have a CHANEL coat AND a NEW LV bag being delivered tomorrow too...sigh..this is gonna be a Bad WEEK for my bank accnt!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Oh Wow i love it.
  6. Cannot wait to see your goodies....
  7. Got a HUGE box......Im in love with a pink leather lined bag....heehee..Ill post pics today...Got tons of stuff to try on and look at..sigh!
  8. JIll~!!! shut up, 'sigh' LOL have FUN!!! cant wait to see pics. Hope you are feeling better.

  9. Uh oh. Pink lined in pink leather? Maybe I'm in trouble after all! :push:
  10. Jill!!!! where are you? are you ok?? i called you from Rodeo Drive in Bev Hills a couple of weeks ago, needing support and willpower (lol --- dat's like da pot callin' da kettle black..) i went into Prada a nanaosecond after leaving you a message, and fell madly in love with the new BOW bag, not the tiny one but the black leather almost 13 incher tote that expands to 15".............$990, with huge bow on front and gold h/w saying Prada. i didnt buy it then but did today at Bal Harbour (thought about you and Jilly lol) and its your fault, girl!! I couldnt get it out of my mind...how come you didnt convince me not to buy it ?

    your stash of new goodies sounds divine, i wanna see coat on you

  11. ^LETS SEE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!

    Here are some pics of todays delivery...Ill post the clothes tomorrow....too dark now
  12. [​IMG]
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