Uh oh Illinois outlet Coachies...

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  1. Channel 2 is doing a big report on the outlet mall...girl in the preview pulled out a little wristlet and went on about how she snagged it for $30-something...

    For those who may have been unaware of the steals at the outlet...our pool is about to grow....
  2. Which outlet in Illinois? Not Tuscola, I hope??
  3. Oh dear, like that store could get any crazier or more crowded!
  4. I seen the report but they also said they might be opening more outlets
  5. Hey, if only they were at my car the first time I did an back-of-the-car outlet preview/reveal on the Legacy stuff back on 08' :smile: There would have been a rush on the outlets like the gold rush in Cali :smile:
  6. There were plans to open a big outlet mall in Chicago's south suburb of Country Club Hills but with all the economic problems that project's been on hold for a year now.

    What bites big time is that it would be a 10-minute drive from my house, instead of an hour and half a dozen tolls. (SIGH)