Uh oh... I tried so hard to be good!!!!

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  1. I went to the outlet today... my black optic lurex framed wristlet from the outlet broke (one of the balls on the kisslock came right off before I even used it!) and I was going to return a wallet I haven't ever used, nor will ever use lol!

    Of course I had to look around since I haven't been at an outlet since early December but STILL! I was going to be good... really, I was! :Push:
  2. Time to confess...tell us what you got:graucho:
  3. What did you get? I'm going to be "bad" and go next week. ;)
  4. Urgh, I'm going to post a reveal but my camera just died :Push:
  5. Did you get a bag?! Did they have the gray hampton's hobo you wanted?

  6. that's so bad , i love the wristlet, BTW, how much is it in outlets?
  7. I don't want the hamptons anymore... I got a gray hayden harnett havana instead which is what I wanted MORE! :graucho:
  8. Ummmm they were originally $79 I think, I got mine for $53+change; they only had pink left at my store and they were in the 50% off bin.
  9. Ooooh I just checked out some pics of your HH bag...I think I want...:drool:
  10. oooh can't wait to see pics I am not sure what that bag looks like
  11. Where can I find those pics? I wanna see it!
  12. Ok! Pics taken, shrinking and uploading now!!!
    IMG_4984.JPG IMG_4985.JPG
  13. HEY!!! I made it!!!
  14. Yay I'm just in time! Holy cow looks like a HAUL!!!