Uh-oh. I think I'm in trouble. My first H dream...

  1. Okay, so I've never had an H dream before, and this was pretty amusing. I had to share.

    Apparently in the dream I was in London with my parents for some kind of golfing event. I stopped by the H boutique but they were closed! But a tall, blonde glamorous SA came to the doors and I told her I'd never been inside an H boutique and she let me in. There were a lot of people in there! Maybe it was a special event.

    I browsed around for a while and we looked at a million things; I was really impressed with the glamour of it all. I told her I really wanted a black Kelly, and she said, "well, our cash wraps aren't up but we can order it online and you can pay online then we'll get one wrapped up for you." Then she took me in the back and I remember being like-- oh.... handbag mecca... it was this big orange room with lots of windows and shelves covered in H dustbags. I'm sure that's not what the back room looks like at Hermes, but it was cool. So she pulled some things down from a shelf and wrapped them up. We completed the online order and she gave me my big H bags-- 2 of them for some reason-- and I was out the door. I remember I paid £1895. ROFL. Riiiiight.

    So I opened the bags and boxes in Hyde Park, and there were 2 dustbags! And a scarf box that had one of the scarves in it I've been eyeing online-- the black and white one. In the dustbags, though! An orange Evelyne, and a black Clemence Kelly with-- get this-- Palladium hardware inlaid with MOTHER OF PEARL. It was SOOOOO beautiful!

    Then, I woke up. What a wonderful dream! :girlsigh:

    Sorry, I rambled a bit. LOL. You can just tell I've really got H fever if I am DREAMING about it! What does this mean?

    :flowers: :heart:
  2. lol- I have H dreams too, I think their frequency is directly related to time spent on tPF. But the first clothing/accessories dream I remember was when I was 17. I was visiting someone in Palo Alto and saw a DKNY velour hoodie I really liked, but it was over $250 (this was 1992). The trip was a hs grad present, and I had money, but that was really expensive for me. I went back to my friend's house and that nite I had a dream about it, so when I woke up I decided that meant it was important enough to me that I have it and went back and got it. I still have it somewhere, never regretted it for a second:smile:
  3. Splendid dream RBB!