Uh oh.... I think I ruined my Speedy handles!

  1. I bought a used Speedy with a nice patina a few weeks ago. I originally bought a new one but instead I really wanted one a couple of years old that I wouldn't worry about so much if I took it in the rain or something.

    The handles were just a little bit too dark for me and I decided to use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on them. I did it very lightly and was thrilled with the results! They came out SO nice.

    I immediately conditioned with a leather conditioner (very expensive one) that I've used on other bags and it's so nice and rich, it even takes water spots out.

    Well, now the handles don't look quite right... it's like they NEED conditioner but if I use it, it seems to soak right in. :sad: It will look super for 5 minutes only. I doubt if someone would look at the handles and see something wrong with them -- but I notice it.

    Have I ruined the vachetta leather? Or is there another conditioner I can use? Am tempted to try extra virgin olive oil or something... if I hold it for hours at a time will the oils from my hands eventually help??

    I was prepared to replace the handles if I screwed them up but of course I don't want to do that... then I'll have as much $$ as it costs for a new one in a used purse with new handles which is exactly what I didn't want! :shrugs:

    Any help appreciated!!! I feel like such a dummie now.
  2. I have the same problem aftyer useing the babywipes. They look like they are dry & the conditioner isn't helping. Has anybody tried saddlesoap on handles?
  3. Taco, baby wipes dried out your handles?:wtf: I am shocked! I used them on all my bags and they worked wonders without causing any harm.
  4. ^^ Me too! I used the baby wipes and they didn't dry out at all. Maybe they have to dry overnight or something??
  5. I have used saddle soap on handles that were fairly new. It darkened them just a tad and removed slight marks. Don't know how it would work on an older piece. I don't think it would hurt to try it. It was recommended my by SA. I used several applications on mine. Looks great.
  6. I have been wondering what type of baby wipes you ladies are using. For those that have good luck with the wipes, could you share if you are using a certain type? There are lots of different types of baby wipes out there.
  7. I used regular Huggies... & they didn't work out at all. I bought some regular pampers w/o aloe for future use.
  8. What conditioner are you using on the handles?
  9. Saddle Soap is great! I tried baby wipes and they were ok but the saddle soap worked out better for me. Baby wipes are good for travel though (in case you are a mess and a klutz like me).
  10. I used baby wipes at work to clean my handles,and they did a great job. I dont have any dryness at all. My bag looks much better now.
  11. Oh BTW, the Mr. Clean has alcohol so that may be what is causing dryness and soaking up any conditioner. I heard that olive oil is a no no...is that correct ladies?
  12. They're talking about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, not liquid Mr. Clean.
  13. I think the olive oil would make the vachetta really dark. Maybe the aloe vera makes a difference I think the huggies must have had alcohol because my handles are really dry. The saddle soap seems like it would restore some of the nice finish they had before. I am using maguires leather conditioner, I used it before & it was great.
  14. For baby wipes, I think someone mentioned using alcohol-free baby wipes or else the alcohol would dehydrate the handles.