uh oh...i think i may have found my first miu miu....

  1. i knew hanging around on this board was going to be trouble!

    has anyone seen this lovely in person, or even better, does anyone own it?? i'm just loving the ruching...and the buckles seem to do a good job of dressing it down....what do you all think???


    sigh....my DH is definitely going to become a PHH before long... :shame:
  2. ^ Saw it in stores, but can't remember how I felt about it. Will pay more attention the next time I stop by Saks, NM, or Barney's.

    It looks cute from the picture. =)
  3. thanks! i'm going to see if my SA from saks can find one for me :smile:
  4. saw the bag at both neimans and saks... i was instantly attracted to it b/c of the shape, size, and the ruching... the leather is very high quality and so soft.

    it's classic in design and the miu miu logo is on the side so it's less obvious... beautiful bag~

    they have it caramel brown color at saks.com and the black one at neimanmarcus.com