uh-oh: i think i broke the washing machine....


May 15, 2006
My new kitty cat peed on my comforter and I tried to put it in the washer but it was too big so I figured once it got wet, it would fit better, so I loaded up the wash with water and stuffed it in. :shame: Now water is leaking out of the bottom of the washer! :wtf: :s Did I ruin it for good or was it leaking because there wasn't enough room for the water when the comforter was put in?


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
i've sold appliances for a year and a half, and it's VERY common for people to break their washer this way - i'd call a service tech out before you try to use it for anything else because if you try to fill it again and it's broken, you'll flood about 50 gallons of water into your house.

and to all those out there, PLEASE do not wash a king-size comforter unless you have a 3.7 cu. ft. washer or larger, or a queen-size unless you have a 3.5 cu. ft. or larger. you should be able to find cubic footage info on a sticker on the washer itself were the model number is. if in doubt or if the sticker doesn't say, get the model number and put it into the manufacturer's website.

an easy way to tell, though, is this: if your washer loads from the top, unless it is a Whirlpool Cabrio bought in the past 6 months, you don't want to put a comforter in it unless you are sure of the cubic footage. if it loads from the front and is an LG, Samsung, Kenmore, or Whirlpool Duet (not Duet Sport), it can accomodate a king-size. any other front-loader can accomodate a queen size or smaller.


Dec 27, 2005
Maybe try to put it on wash on low with nothing in and see if it works. I think the water may have spilled over the drum in to the bottom of the machine. If the above works full cycle which leaves the machine empty of water (like the end of the wash) it would seem like nothing is wrong. Then I would unplug the machine take of the back bottom panel and wipe up all the water that might be on the bottom--you don't want anything to rust or get water damage on the floor. If the machine will not work for a wash you know it is broken and a repair person has to be called.
Another note of caution, my SIL put her king size comforter in the dryer and it was too small and it actualled burned a hole in the comforter about 2 feet wide circle. I guess it layed against where the hot air circulates, she is lucky it didn't catch fire. I take my comforters to the laundry to do, king size usually is about $15.00.


Feb 5, 2006
lol well not too long ago I put a few pillows in the washer and had a mini flood in the entrance of my old house. It was not broken, I think that it seeped out the top, like you are talking about. I would try a small cycle and go from there. Of course, i don't want to give bad advice and make things worse.