Uh-Oh I think I am in love...but I need some advice!!

  1. Hey Girls~
    Just browsing through the Hayden Harnett website and I think I am in :heart::heart::heart: with the Hudson Triple-Strap Satchel in Persian Rose...thoughts?!

    Does anyone have one and what do yo think about it? I have never owned a Hayden before so I need some advice. I have seen a wallet IRL and it was TDF!!! :girlsigh:

    Thanks!! :roflmfao:
  2. This is Hayden-Harnett Hudson triple-strap bag. I have it in smoke blue color and love it. This style has been discussed quite a lot in the past. If you do a search of Hayden-Harnett Hudson on the forum, you will get a lot of information from the past threads.
  3. Yeah I always do this...start a thread then do a search...but some of the entries I did end up finding were kind of old so I wanted some newer feedback. I have seen so many pictures and I am totally falling in love!!
  4. If you get it, please post a pic. I really want to see the persian rose color.
  5. Oh absolutly!!!

    I am in the process of saving for it now, so check back at the beginning of November!!
  6. It's pretty, how big is it?
  7. Not quite as big as it looks. :smile: Seriously, you would think it was "briefcase" size, but it is a little smaller. For me, the size is fabulous and I have beem eyeing the Smoke Blue for a while now.
  8. That is what I have been hearing!! I am totally in love with it and cannot wait to get it and this wallet that I have been eyeing as well:
  9. Yum, yam!

  10. agreed!!! :heart:
  11. the rose color is very pretty
  12. I have one in cocoa and love it. It's soft yet professional looking. My sister and mother also got them after seeing mine! You'll love it. The persian rose color is beautiful.
  13. ooooooo I am getting so excited!! I might just ask my BF (almost fiance) if I can just get it now and then save up for it (does that make sense?!)

    I neeeeeeed it!!