Uh Oh, I need help!

  1. I purchased a MJ Sophia through Personal Shoppers on Ebay. The color was not for me so I decided to sell it. It was only today that I realized the bag is not authentic. :blink: I am shocked as she has a great reputation with 100% positive feedback. The tell all sign that it is fake is the lack of the "made in Italy" label in the third section. There isn't one at all! Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Post pics asap and let me look at it
  3. I looked at that listing before, I really think it's authentic; Personalshoppers & Leshent are trustworthy sellers for MJ items. Certain details sometimes get changed, therefore, certain guidelines for identifying fakes can be outdated. Vogue1966's guide mentioned MJ's Classic Collection bags (Soft Calf line) are not made with pebbled leather, this is no longer true. I have seen quite a few recently at Nordstrom, NM, Bloomies, and Saks with pebbled leather.

    Maybe Jill & other members can give their opinions as well.

  4. Did you contact Personal Shoppers about your authenticity concern? Perhaps they can furnish some proof of authenticity to assuage your fears?
  5. Yes...still waiting to hear back from them.

    It did come with a small Neiman Marcus tag; I called the store in White Plains (closest to me) and the SA could not look up the SKU number since the bag was from last season. She did say that in her experience, ALL the prior MJ Sophia bags either have the sewn in "Made in Italy" tag and that the new bags (Fall 06) have the "made in Italy" under the MJ name on the silver plate.
  6. Need better pics to know..BUT it looks real
  7. Not sure what season this bag is from, but my berry Stella (Spring 04) does not have "made in Italy" on the silver plate. And i think that is true for all the other MJ bags produced around that time. I purchased my Stella at NM back then so it's authentic.
  8. If you own a Stella/Sophia, please post your info (tag/plate, where/when you got yours from).
  9. But does it have "Made in Italy" on a leather label stitched into the third pocket? That is what it is supposed to be according to the Ebay page.
  10. It looks real to me. What makes you think it's not real? I missed that part.
  11. :hrmm: I dunno - I've seen a few like this (around eBay) and have been bothered by them...for one, the shape of the whole bag seems a wee bit off to me...kinda square-ish (at least not as rounded as mine). It also looks like there are 5 holes on the strap (we've been chatting that up in another thread) and I only remember the regular Sophia having three on each side. Finally, the leather piece around the front zipper is squared off instead of rounded...however, it does look just like the one in the photo of Reese (who I doubt has a fake), and the LE Sophias have a squared off leather piece around the front zip...has anybody got one like this that they bought in person at a reputable store??
  12. My suede-lined Sophias have the "Made in Italy" embossed in the suede, near the magnetic closure...so, no leather label on those.
  13. Mine does not have either!!

    The seller did get back to me; she says she has a receipt from Neiman Marcus and that why would she ruin her rep for a $400 ebay sale. I was quick to tell her that I do not think that she is selling fakes, but am wondering if a fake MJ bag was returned to the Neiman's she purchased it from (seller does state in Ebay auction that it was a store return).

    Will keep you all posted!
  14. Hey Becca4277, I was just looking at your eBay link, and it looks lile the "Made in Italy" on yours is embossed on the leather:


    See what I mean, at the bottom left of the pic? However, I am not familiar with it ever being located there...as I said, on mine it's inside in the suede, to the right of the closure...

    Please do keep us posted!