Uh-oh ...I might be in trouble .

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  1. Not that I really care , but in the thread about the el-fake-o Lux bowler that is going for 8something ....Well , I contacted the high bidder....and it worked .
    She just e-mailed me back wanting to know what proof I had the bag was fake and one reason she shouldn't report me . I explained the details of a real Chanel Luxe bowler did not , for one , include red silk lining or a black hang tag .

    So she hasn't reported me yet ...that's good .

    Oh well , no good deed goes unpunished !
  2. You should have refered her to the PF to see pics of the real deal! :biggrin:
  3. ^that's what I was going to say! LOL!

    I'd invite her and also tell her that you didn't know it was against eBay's policy . . .
  4. I did just that , my friend !
  5. I think that's fantastic SophiaLee, what a horrid bag!
  6. I cannot believe she replied to you in such a way :rant:. Here you are doing something really nice for her and she wanted to know one reason why she shouldn't report you :wtf:. Sounds like she deserves exactly what she's getting.
  7. She just e-mailed me back ! She came here and read the thread I suggested ! She said she made a huge mistake and apologized ! Yay ! I helped someone from getting screwed out of almost a grand ! ....feels good !
  8. Good thing!!!
  9. Oh YEA!
  10. Thank goodness! You know, my first thought was she was shill bidding (is that what it's called) when you posted her reaction. Now that she thanked you, I'm so glad you helped an innocent person NOT get taken in by these :censor: on ebay! You did a very good thing today SophiaLee :flowers:.
  11. Wonderful news! If I didn't share my sister's login ID on ebay (I sell under her business name.) I would have emailed that buyer too. But I don't wanna get my sis in trouble with ebay - she'd shut me off, lol!
  12. That was really sweet of you, Sophia!:flowers: I am too scared to contact the bidders directly(since Ebay will shut down your account if the bidder tells on you--I was really scared for you at first that she was going to report you after you posted her initial reaction). So, I just report the fake-o/scammer auctions directly to Ebay now. it just sucks when it's those 1 day only or 19 hour auctions. Ebay never seems to act fast enough and some poor innocent ill informed bidder ends up getting scammed.
  13. Yeah she was really nice , i knew it wasn't a shill bidder because i checked how long they were registerd and what kind of things they bought . If they had zero feedback I never would've e-mailed them .

    it looks like someone else will get screwd now ....i can't believe those purses are still up ! How mant of us have reported them ? And I'm sure the lady I contacted reported them as well after our e-mail exchanges ! Tht is just wrong .

    Wow , i just noticed after a couple glasses of wine my typing gets really bad ! Ha ! LOL .
  14. I don't think there's anything wrong with letting bidders know an item they're bidding on is fake. Especially if it's going for THAT much! You're only HELPING, it's not like you're contacting them to sell them something. I don't know..some of their "rules" don't make sense..it's like they'd rather have counterfeits being sold so they won't lose their precious profits. Oh well.
    I've actually contacted a couple bidders before when they're bidding WAY over retail for something you can still get in stores. One example was that Urban Outfitters had this one shirt and it was only $28..well the bidding kept going up and up and it was close to $60! So I referred the bidders to the site just so they knew it was still available and that it's really not worth the amount they're willing to pay. I'd hate to spend that much money then find out the item was barely worth half of that.
    Anyway, I'm glad everything worked out!
  15. Some of the responsibility surrounding fakes should be placed on the buyer to become educated about the desired product. This is a very lazy society we live in, even when it comes to shopping. The internet has made people positively useless in ways they never were growing up, especially the younger generation. I grew up in the sixties and seventies - black and white tv, no internet access, video games, etc. Rotary dial phones, lol!! Many people nowadays resort to ebay because they don't feel like picking up the phone and calling different department stores/boutiques for the product - not only that but I'll bet they don't even have a clue how to go about the process! It's so much easier to sit behind a computer screen and click away...