Uh oh... I got my second 2.55 reissue today... it's silver... it's 226...

  1. not another 2.55???!!!!! didn't she just get one??? :rolleyes:

    well, thanks to ldldb (enabler!!), today my light silver 2.55 reissue in the size 226 arrived. all wrapped up and pretty. and i am IN LOVE!!!! :love:

    it's from the f/w collection (it says 07A on the box) and unfortuntaly it's the new increased pirce of $2350. oh well, but it's worth it.

    i was really drooling over the dark silver, but that seems impossible to get these days, and i might prefer it in a smaller size (225, maybe 224). i decided that the light silver suits my wardrobe more, especially for spring/summer. it could be doable for the f/w too, for evenings or something.

    so what do you all think???

    ...black metallic is next. ...in what size?? :p

    :flowers: :flowers: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ldldb!!!!! :flowers: :flowers:
    chanel2.55ltsilver226a.jpg chanel2.55ltsilver226b.jpg chanel2.55ltsilver226e.jpg chanel2.55ltsilver226d.jpg
  2. NICE!!! Congrats
    Hmm I prefer medium/large or 226 dimensions, its more versatile imo.
  3. That bag is HOT!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying for one in a 225 size! Congrats and ENJOY!!!!
  4. I really love the light silver reissue, congrats on a beauty!! :tup: You wear her so well too, tres chic!! :heart: I have the dark silver 226 size, and just received my light silver 225 size, so we're almost twins haha. :p It's just so pretty, and more versatile than you (as in, anyone) might think at first glance! :smile: Enjoy her!! :nuts:
  5. It's lovely! congrats!
  6. Wowzer....it is gorgeous! It looks great on you, congrats and enjoy!:tup:
  7. Hey dear, congrats!! I think you should try both 225 and 227 to complete your collection....way to go!!!!
  8. Aww! I'm soo envy! I wanted a light silver reissue too! Congrats!
  9. You're really getting into reissues lately too! Hehe!
  10. congrats!
  11. gorgeous !!
  12. absolutely stunning! the more i see of these lovely bright metallic reissues, the more i love them! CONGRATS and enjoy your gorgeous new bag!
  13. congrats, looks beautiful on you.
  14. The light silver is really growing on me! :drool: It seems not as dressy as the dark silver & easier to wear casually. Congrats on the amazing bag!!
  15. Beautiful bag! Looks great on you, the size is just perfect. Black Metallic in 226 gets my vote, you can pull off 227 too.

    Congrats & enjoy. =)