Uh-Oh...I am in love with another one!

  1. OK so as some of you know I just ordered the BCBG Montana bag (should be here tomorrow :yahoo:) but I was just searching through Bluefly and found another one that I am loving.:heart::heart::heart: I just celebrated my 23rd B-day so I do have some extra money. The Montana bag is black and this is a beautiful chocolate (great for fall) :drool:

    What do we think??? Keep in mind that I need a great bag for Fall and that I LOVE BIG BAGS!!

    The HYPE Everest Satchel:

    DO YOU LOVE IT?! :heart::heart:
  2. I love it! I say, if you can afford it, keep both:tup:
  3. I think so too!!! I just think it looks so yummy and gives a "warm" feeling for fall (is the weird to say?!) LoL!!

    THANKS drdrea!
  4. Not weird at all! Chocolate is such a great warm fall color!
  5. I like it and if you love and have the money then treat yourself!
  6. Go for it. It's very cute!
  7. I really like it.
  8. yeah I think I am gonna go for it today!! I will post pics when she arrives!

    THANKS TPFers!!
  9. :tup: go for it! a great bag
  10. yup yup...i am going on Bluefly right now. I am at work right now so everytime someone comes by I try to make it look like I am not looking at ANOTHER purse!

    so the process is going slower than usual!! Lol
  11. This bag is beautiful! Great buy! I hope you enjoy her!
  12. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I just used a new code for Bluefly and I got $30 off my purchase!! So I ordered my satchel!!! I am sooooooo excited! I will post pics when she arrives!! :wlae::woohoo::rochard:
  13. p.s. if you ever need any codes for Bluefly, on the deals and steals forum there are so many great ones. Some didn't work but someone just posted on that did!!!

    Go there first!!! :graucho:
  14. Cool! Can't wait to see pics. It's a cute bag. Happy belated bday! (I'm 23, too!) :smile:
  15. Aww thanks!! :p