Uh Oh! Heather Exposed!

  1. Editor

    LADY Heather McCartney posed in depraved pornographic clinches which are bound to sicken her estranged husband Sir Paul and his army of fans.

    The ex-model was snapped in a string of lurid scenes for a hard core German book.

    Many of the images are too explicit to print in a family newspaper.

    One shot shows Heather naked and smothered in baby oil as she performs a sex act on a nude male porn star. The curly-haired man is then photographed performing an act on her with the help of a sex toy.

    In other shots Heather appears to act out bondage scenes with whips, handcuffs and edible underwear.

    Dressed in red stockings, suspenders and a corset — and with long red-painted nails — she looks like the madam of a sleazy brothel.

    She is also seen smearing herself and the male co-star with whipped cream and baby oil. In some snaps her nipples are covered with lipstick.

    In other scenes, Heather and the man appear to have sex and perform sex acts while watching themselves in a mirror. And in yet more, Heather ends up naked during a game of strip poker.

    The porn shoot was published in 1988 — five years before the blonde became famous after losing her leg when hit by a police motorbike.

    Brazen ... Heather with Sir Paul
    Now 38 and mum to Sir Paul’s two-year-old Beatrice, she stopped at very little when she took part in the revolting snaps for Die Freuden Der Liebe — The Joys Of Love.

    The filthy volume features 112 pages filled with pictures — and contains NO accompanying words.

    Heather and Sir Paul, 63, announced last month that they were separating after just four years of marriage. Geordie-born Heather could claim up to £200million in a divorce.

    Ex-Beatle Sir Paul had earlier apparently turned a blind eye to his wife’s “colourful” past — insisting it was all slurs by jealous fans and mean media commentators.

    She was once even asked on a US chat show if she had ever been a prostitute, which she denied.

    Days ago The Sun told how Heather was a would-be escort girl who dated rich Arabs behind the back of first hubby Alfie Karmal.

    He said: “I caught her out lying over a job interview, which turned out to be an interview with an escort agency. Heather claimed she didn’t know it was an escort agency and said she thought she would just be showing clients around London.

    “Under that beautiful, caring facade was a manipulative, callous and cold woman.”

    Since news of their split became public, Paul has gone out of his way to defend his estranged wife. He regularly posts messages on his website attacking sections of the media for branding her a “gold-digger”.

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  2. ewwww, I know others disagree but pornography is just twisted and gross.
  3. Wow, I didn't know she's that kind of person...
  4. I hope that story is true, otherwise they are going to have a major libel suit on their hands. The Sun is about the trashiest of the trash, so let's hope its a false story... however her past is checkered, she ran away from home to escape abuse and was also arrested, so who knows.
  5. Whoa. What in the world?
  6. That's a little too gross to be true, but who knows with "celebs" these days... :lol:
  7. One can never tell the real truth behind a face...some people do have pasts that would shock you. It is truly possible.
  8. What? That is crazy! I know truth is stranger than fiction, but that is just gross.
  9. yep, but when you see the piccies in the paper, its so old fashioned! she still had a lovely bubble perm!! Its old news, I bet he already knew about it, it was in 1988 when she was ahem "modelling".

    Dont get me wrong, I do not like her, but this is just bringing up crap from her past that I am sure he knew about.
  10. and thinking about it, how do we know that its now, not Paul himself (via somebody else obviously) trying to discredit her, so that he gets custody, and does not have to pay her! something else to ponder I guess
  11. Excellent point chloe-babe! Child custody cases are nasty, just look at Alec and Kim.
  12. True about Alec and Kim. The thing is, he's going to win. She's a textbook case of Parental Alienation Syndrome (google for more info)
  13. Well, personally, I think it's still possible to be a good person and a great mom whether or not there's a porno in your past.
  14. How sure?
  15. I've seen the photo's... IT's HER!! 100% sure... really gross!! I've always thought of her as a gold digga...I think Paul married to soon after losing Linda, who clearly was and always has been the love of his life, I feel sorry for him, good luck paul!!