uh oh.. have i been bitten by the speedy bug?!

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  1. I went in the other day to just browse around and play with the ribera mini.. but then i tried on a damier speedy 25..

    should i go for it?!
    or go for a different canvas?

    i'm in trouble.. :graucho:
  2. All I know is that I didn't particularly care for the Damier Speedy when it first came out. But then I saw it on a few people while shopping and I fell in love. Now I own the 30 and it's one my of my top 5 favorite bags. It's worth it aarti!!!
  3. i prefer the speedy, of course you should get it. :graucho:
  4. Damier Speedy is a classy bag. I bought myself one for Xmas.
  5. Go for it! I want one :smile:
  6. yup go get it!
  7. i'm not a fan of the damier canvas, but i like how it's low maintenance! if you like it i say go for it! I do like it more than a ribiera though!
  8. i looooooveee the damier speedy over the mono speedy imho. so go for it! it's definitely something you can totally wear with everything and dress up with charms or scarves to individualize it as well. hope you get it!
  9. The speedy is the greatest bag!!!! Get it!!!!
  10. You will not regret it! I have a 25 in mono and a 25 in damier and I love them!!
  11. I love the speedy, so go for it! I have the 25 & 30 in mono and the 25 in Damier - I much prefer my mono speedies, but the Damier is nice if its pouring!
  12. damier is so classy! go for it!!!
  13. that's my most used bag! get it!
  14. I love the damier speedy! I say go for it!!
  15. GO FOR IT! I didn't like Damier at first *ducks*, but now I LOVE IT! It is so classy.