Uh-Oh! Guess What??!! A NEW Chocolate Nico for Me! Once again, I am in LUV!!!

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  1. Oh me, Oh my!
    Look at what found me??
    A brand new with tags Chocolate Nico!
    The color is so rich and the darkest, yummiest chocolate brown; I am sooo in love right now!!!
    What do you all think of my latest, greatest HH love?
    Check out the lovely lining also!!!
    Cooper and DH love her, too.
    Yup, I think I am officially obsessed with HH....

    (I am not sure there is a cure for this new sickness I have... LOL!)

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  2. Coop!: I :heart::heart::heart: your new bag! OMG...it is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the deep chocolate color! Little Cooper is his usual camera hog!:tender: He is such a cutie! This bag is much bigger than the havana isn't it? LOVE the lining!
  3. Yes, it is much bigger than the Havana, but it is fabulous!
    I travel alot (going to Montreal next week) and frequently take day-trips to other cities, so the Nico is great for me. It fits EVERYTHING, but remains very comfortable.

    Oh, and yes, Coop is his regular ol' camera-hog self. I have to physically move him out of the way at times! LOL!
    He just becomes a dog-statue in front of the camera! LOL!
  4. looks great on you!
  5. Looks great on you Coop!!! Makes me wonder if I need to add a Nico to my own HH collection...
  6. See Coop! I knew you'd adore the chocolate as much as I did! The bag looks stunning on you though - glad you found it! :tup:
  7. Coop, I am loving your growing HH collection :smile: Don't you have a gray Havana coming as well?
  8. Yes, yes, yes, she will be arriving any day!!! Oh, and also a Mercer clutch in oyster....

    ...5 HH's in less than a month :shame:...do you think I have a problem or what??? LOL!
  9. ^^

    We all have the same problem, Coop. That's why we are all here. LOL.
  10. :drool::drool::drool:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Nico Cooper!!! The chocolate:heart: is so rich and pretty!! Is it not the greatest bag ever! Believe it or not it gets even softer and smooshier with use!! Enjoy!
  11. that is a great looking bag worn over the shoulder -- congrats! do you find it convenient to open/close with that unique zipper top? what kind of compartments are inside? and can you adjust the length of the shoulder strap? i've seen the nico and nico xl sold on ebay --- are they the same size? do you think this is a good bang around work bag or is it too delicate and small?

    i've been eying this nico style forever so please reply... thanks!
  12. Ohh La La!!!! lovely bag with a rich gorgeous color! looks fab on you!!!
  13. do we need to create a sticky for HH Anonymous?

    "Hi, I'm Alice, and I'm addicted to handbags from brooklyn..."

    I'm so in.
  14. Congrats Cooper! What a gorgeous bag! You have such a beautiful (and growing) HH collection!! Can't wait to see pics of your new Havana and Mercer Clutch when they a rrive too!
  15. Heh heh! Hey, Coop!