Uh-oh, fake 2nd chance offers from my account?

  1. Hi mods: I may be using the wrong search terms to look for others' experiences, so please delete/lock if already discussed.

    I had several auctions that ended yesterday - two are already paid for and shipped; a few others are still waiting for payment. However, people are contacting me and asking if I've sent them second chance offers and wanting to buy the item(s). They're definitely not from me and I respond through eBay telling them to report the emails and not to reply or send money to them.

    How is the scammer doing this? My account seems fine for now. Will eBay cancel my legitimate sold items or suspend me? I'm going to try doing more research on their forums too. Thanks!
  2. It doesn't even have to be directly from your account, there are emails that are pretty official looking that go around and have the info on them. I remember receiving one from an LV bag I was bidding on...I lost and then the next day, I got an email from what looked like the seller saying that the high bidder flaked and to send the money to their work paypal address. Of course, I didn't believe that so I emailed the seller about it and it hadn't come from their account.
    So that's probably what happened with your buyers as well.
  3. ^
    I bid on an item and lost and then got an offer the next day for the bag saying they had two of them and would sell to me for what was $150 off MY final bid on the item. Knew it was fishy but I made the mistake of responding saying send me the second chance offer in eBay and neverheard from them again...of course now keep getting spam mail from the ^&%er with links for designer merchandise---RIGHT

    Don't make the mistake I made and even respond... just forward what you get to spoof@ebay.com
  4. ^YES! I didn't respond to it, I emailed the seller directly. The person who emailed me the offer was offering me the red/creme CB pochette for like $250 and the final price from the actual auction was like $500! :s
  5. ^ Mine was an MJ Sophia NWT for $150 ?!?! Like I said I knew it was a bad deal which is why I said sure send me something in EBAY - but now I am being SPAMMED to death---UGH!
  6. Oh geez..I think there's a way you can report the spam though. Have you tried it?
  7. Nah just blocked the addresses they send from...
  8. Send the emails to spoof@ebay.com too.