Uh oh... Ebay problem! Advice?

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  1. Hi guys!

    About two weeks ago I shipped a package to Texas with delivery confirmation. The buyer says that she hasn't received the package, and I have lost the delivery confirmation slip (my own darn fault!). I've checked USPS's website and apparently without the tracking number I'm out of luck.

    Should I just have her take this up with Paypal? I am reluctant to refund her money because the item was relatively expensive and while she was given the option of insuring it, she didn't. I charged her only for the flat rate shipping box.

    What would you do? Thanks, ladies! I appreciate it. :idea:
  2. I would go to the post office and report the package as lost, someone mentioned, as I had a similar problem, that packages without tracking can still be found if you report that it is missing. Paypal tends to side with the buyer so I would try to exhaust all options first.
  3. Oh no, I remember your original story - this customer was a bit unruly right from the get-go. :sad:

    My advice, is to really look for that delivery confirmation. I do not think you would have thrown it away; not after the experience you were having with the buyer.

    I am not sure what paypal can do; I would hate for you to have to refund her.
  4. No, that buyer I originally posted about FINALLY got the package. But rest assured I got emails consistently until then. She was just expecting it way to fast and I couldn't control how military mail processed it!

    This is another buyer... who paid 10 days late. Can Paypal actually force me to refund her? That would be terrible.
  5. Well, I am glad that the first lady recieved her goods - you must have been going up the wall with all her emails.

    In this instance - I don't know if PayPal can force you, you need to get proof of delivery. Perhaps going to the post office like ayla suggested is your best bet now? :worried:
  6. Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks, Loganz!
  7. Oh man, I hope I don't sound like a horrible, horrible Ebayer, what with posting my problems here!
  8. Hmm this is a tricky situation! Usually what I do in my auctions is state that without insurance, I am not liable for ANY lost/damaged/undelivered packages. If it did happen I would feel sorry for them, but business is business after all, and the option was given. I would suggest REALLY looking for that delivery confirmation, retrace your steps and all! If you can't find it though, I don't think PayPal would force you to refund her just because you did, in fact, offer her insurance, which she declined. Just my thoughts.
  9. Yeah. I mean, I didn't make a single penny off of the shipping. If I charge more for shipping than it actually costs, I add insurance with it. :sad2:
  10. in my opinion, it's her fault for not buying insurance. i always get insurance, even if the package is relatively inexpensive. i wouldn't refund the money because you don't have any proof that she didn't receive the package - she might have gotten it and is trying to scam you for her money back. see if she gets it in the next few days, and in the meantime, look around some more for the USPS slip.
  11. I am going through the same situation right now. I shipped within my state, just a few cities from each other and USPS lost the package. Luckily I did have the insurance receipt, but even though I did, paypal sided with the buyer, refunded her the $375 she paid, and now Im out the package that the P.O. cant find and $375. USPS said they are going to keep the tracking process going but they have no idea how long it will take or when I will get my money back. I submitted all the p.o.'s proper paper work, copys of the receipts and proof of sales with the adressees info. Its been a month now and, nothing yet! Good luck to you, its a long drawn out mess for me.
  12. WOW, Paypal actualy straight up took that money out of your account to refund her?:sad2:
  13. Yep,
    they sure did. I even faxed copies of my insurance receipts. The reply was that it was an invalid tracking #. It paypal about 2 whole days to wipe my account completely! Im so frustrated. :Push:
  14. Did they charge you extra fees or did they just take the amount of the auction item out?

    Thanks for answering my questions. :sad2:
  15. The amount of the purchase was $375 but they charged something like $11 or $12 in fees to begin with. So my total claim with the p.o. is the total amount of $375. And what is even worse is when I purchased insurance, I told the p.o. I wanted it for $375, and when I started this whole process I noticed it was for $325, so now Im having to argue that also. But they said if and when I get my money, it shouldnt be a problem. We'll see. :sad: