Uh-Oh Don't go to Vegas

  1. After all our talk yesterday, I don't want people jumping on planes to Vegas right now, cause my friend just called to tell me that someone opened fire in the casino in New York New York and killed 4 people.

    Good god. I really hope Icechick wasn't there, but I don't think she would be, it wasn't a place we haunted.

    Sooo, if you are planning on heading to Vegas and a couple people here were, please be careful. The crowds are crazy and the heat is really getting to people.

    The person who killed people was a Las Vegas resident.

    Maybe, phone orders arent' a bad thing...:sad:
  2. Oh dear...:sad: Those poor innocent people.
  3. wow..how sad and scary
  4. I just heard about it on the news..... So Sad
  5. With icechick we talked about the craziness in America, you know there has only been one murder in like the history of Iceland, and that's like 3000 years, part of the deal is that they don't have guns... oh well... this isn't about LV, so I'll stop; I just want pfers to be careful heading out to VEgas, cause I know a couple were headed this weekend...

    The heat really does get to people, we see it in Albuquerque a lot too. It also is a very violent town...:sad:

  6. Are you serious? Only one murder in 3000 years?! that's crazy. :wtf:
  7. ^^^ yep, I'm serious. That is a country which has never been colonized, has socialized medicine, gun control... I mean, it has its problems, big time, but violent behavior is not one of them, there are many others... I learned a lot hanging out with Icelanders and a Swede...
  8. Scary... !!! :wtf: :crybaby:
  9. It's unsafe nowaday.
  10. According to CNN those 4 people were on injured :yes: Thank God!


    So scary. Vegas is one of the places were you don't expect something like that to happen, kinda like Disneyland, kwim?!?! :sad:
  11. :crybaby:i was just there a few days ago...phew. i feel bad for those who are hurt!
  12. ^^ I know what you mean. we were in vegas June 18 - 21 and we stayed at NY NY! Its crazy...i know exactly where they are talking about the guy standing. Thank God no one was killed.
    Right when I clicked on this post, my news channel started talking about it... talk about a coincidence!

    Anyways, what a sad story...prayers are with those hurt, killed, and their families.

    PS- what does KWIM stand for? I see it everywhere and I can't figure it out...TIA!
  14. I will be in Vegas later today.

    I think everywhere is scary these days.
  15. Totally disneyland for adults, thanks kittylaroche, I just heard they were just injured to. I feel so safe when I go solo to Las Vegas, as long as I'm smart and careful. But, random violence like that is something where you don't make a bad decision, you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thank god they weren't killed. whew.:sweatdrop: